Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So, here I am ...studying again. I have an exam next week and a paper to write.
I'm also agonizing over the end of the story I'm writing. It's hard to end something you've been working on for so long, it's like setting a child free into the unknown. Of course, I'm not concerned about what's gonna happen to the story, but what's gonna happen to me.
I'm also a little unhappy about the ending I planned so I came up with a brilliant idea: write two possible endings, like they do on TV! I'm not sure I'm gonna do it, though..I'd feel like I was "mistreating the truth". It's silly mentioning "truth" when you're talking about fiction. It's complicated to explain but the truth in fiction, to me, is writing from my instincts. And if I were to write something different from what these first instincts told me, I'd feel like a fraud or something.

To get my mind of these silly thoughts, here's a song (not a snog):

"Remember This" - Smoke City

"Beija-me assim, dentro de mim
Não esquece de apagar o que era antes
Beija-me assim, não esqueça
Memory is something that knows what it likes
What it likes, it likes to do some more
O velho que sabe tudo o que vê
Que não esquece que o que foi, foi
Essa parede não mente"

Dunno what she's talking about but it's a nice song. lol


a spoon said...

thats what counts! as long as it sounds good

Devil Mood said...

Yeah definitely! :)