Thursday, September 22, 2005

Get a lover!

I heard something on the radio last night that made me smile. I didn't hear it from the beginning so I don't know who exactly was saying this. They were talking about women who were depressed and kept running from a doctor to another, taking pills and being miserable. This person would look them in the eyes and say: "you need to get a lover!". Some of them would be outraged by such advice from a health professional and would go away and never comeback.
But then he/she'd explain that a lover is not necessarily a person and doesn't mean that you're going to cheat on someone. A lover is something that you wake up and go to bed thinking about, that you dream of, that makes your heart beat a little faster, that brings a smile on your face.
It can be a person, a hobbie, an idea...books, art, sports, religion, work, politics, family...anything.
I thought to myself: Thank God, I've got a lover!

(sorry about such a soppy post)