Monday, October 10, 2005

Grey weekend

The sun decided to take a few days off and it's been raining. There was a tropical storm in the ocean that was heading towards Portugal but, as the water in this part of the Atlantic is cold, it lost strength and will probably just be a spell of bad weather when it finally arrives.

My shopping trip was a fiasco. I didn't have much time to browse the shops but every jacket I saw was horrible. I ended up buying a pink sweater (I must have a dozen by now..I have a thing for pink sweaters lol).
Then I had a double birthday party - my family is so big there's people having birthdays next to each other. It was fun and loud as always...everyone discussing politics like lunatics. There were so many of us that half ate in the terrace and the other half inside. We still had time to laugh at Portugal struggling against the modest team of the Liechtenstein. That goalkeeper is a joke and I'm thinking about starting a movement to kick him out of the team - I'm sure I'm not the only one...Anyway, we qualified to the World Cup, as well as Angola, which made me really happy.

Yesterday it was an election day here in Portugal. I went to vote and it was a normal day in portuguese politics: politics investigated for fraud and corruption being elected with majority.
My posts are becoming more irrelevant every day...


Supermans Foot said...

I just know we're gonna get drawn against each other as now we're out of the top 10 we are most likely gonna be second seeds. I dont think my heart can take another match like the last one

Devil Mood said...

That'd be exciting lol
But that'd mean that we could both progress into the next stage and not meet each other for a bit...until the final lol

Supermans Foot said...

that would be some final. I dont think I could talk to you during it though!

Devil Mood said...

We probably wouldn't be able to talk to each other afterwards least for a while. And during it, it's best to be focused on the game anyway.