Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The bag challenge

So let's see what's inside my bag, like Chloe suggested, shall we?

So, from left to right or something similar to that, there's: my pink wallet, my white gloves (it's cold in Portugal too), my keys with a leyring from Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders), my Playboy organizer to keep track of my appointments (I sound like a business woman), my old but lovely mobile phone, headphones, a little mirror. Above there's chocolate cookies, chewing gum, my pen-disk and tissues. And a bottle of water. I usually carry a lot of food in my bag to eat while I'm at work. So, this is it. :) For some reason, my lip balm is missing in the photo but it's always there with me.


DayByDay4-2Day said...

I posted my also. Your purse must be much bigger then mine.

omm said...

Yes, the bag would be quite big then. I like the cookies detail. I carry in my bag now a wee bottle of soy milk because there is only one cafeteria that I know where this is an option to the milk in the coffee. Before it was sweetner and at some point in the middle it was red or green tea, so I asked only when for a tea for it without the tea bag; which is hot water :-)

Cathy said...

I like your key chain. I posted mine the day before.

enleaver said...

my god. you must have a huge bag!

love your keyring and mobile phone. i hide chocolate cookies in my bag too. hehehe. too bad we don't need gloves in malaysia. i enjoyed wearing them while in the UK :)

Chloe said...

when i look at other people's bag, i think "hey, i should have that too".
So, hey, i should have chocolate cookies in my bag too! They are essential!

Devil Mood said...

Daybyday: it is! I should've photographed the bag, as well. It's not exactly a purse (too big).

Omara: I usually carry fruit and stuff like that because you can't buy that in cafeterias and everything they sell is unhealthy. Plus, it's cheaper.

Cathy: I'll check yours, I'm curious.

Valerene: huge, huge but I need the space to carry documents and books as well. How was that trip? :)

Chloe: chocolate is wonderful whenever you have a hard task to do: after I do it, I treat myself to something sweet :)

Anonymous said...

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