Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yada yada

- The photograph: A tree because I love trees. There used to be a tree in front of my house with the most wonderful shape. One day they decided to trim it (I don't know if trim is the exact word). I thought they were going to chop it off (another term I'm uneasy with) but they just took some branches off. The tree is still there but I wonder if the branches will grow again with the same shape. What do you think?

- The Film: Yesterday I watched "Nobody's Fool" - a film with Paul Newman, Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith. It's about getting old, families and friends. It's nice but it left me a little blue. I probably needed something more cheerful.

- The Documentary: Have you ever watched Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton? There's a book but he also made a tv-documentary. I've been tapping it because it's on Tv at the same time as one of my favourite shows so I can't watch it. I haven't seen it yet though...maybe tonight. It's about the desire for people to be "someone" in this world, if I'm not mistaken.

- The poem: I can't say I like Fernando Pessoa and not give him the credit he deserves. So here's a little bit of a poem, especially for Madelyn :)

"I am nothing
I shall never be anything
I cannot wish to be anything.
Aside from that, I hold within me
all the dreams of the world.
Today, I’m defeated, as if I’d learned the truth.
Today, I am lucid, as if I were about to die."

- Suggestion: Go to and choose a photograph that means something to you. There's a "Change Me" campaign going on that gies 10 dollars to fight diseases for every picture that you choose and comment. It's a really nice thing and I did that already.


enleaver said...

that's a nice tree. it'd be nice to see the sun set behind thar tree.

Connie and Rob said...

Trees are amazing. We have very, very large trees in our yard and I love to study them. Each looks like they have their own personality.

Love your picture.


Devil Mood said...

Valerene: I think so too :)

Connie: Maybe they do have their own personalities - trees transmit a certain wisdom.

Steve Awesome said...

Like the walking tree's in Lord Of The Rings. They look wise, though they act a bit silly.

Maddy said...

"I hold within me all the dreams
of the world..."

Breathtaking - as in literally-
took my breath away this gentle
and vivid bit of sageness.

Thankyou!!!!! You are a
sweetheart and I am going to
see if I can find a book of
his poetry today when I'm out
bookhunting...yet again!

The picture was lovely - there
were purples in the sky on my
computer screen - looked luminous!

I'm off to pick a photo!


kimananda said...

Beautiful poem! I heart Pessoa. :-)

I would take you up on your lovely offer to practicar um pouco de portugues, but I have a terrible stomachache, and it's hard to even think in English at the moment.

Devil Mood said...

Steve (I always spell Esuoh wrong, it's too complicated!): I haven't seen Lord of the Rings (I know...) but I take your word for it!

Madelyn: Yes, that bit is a little overwhelming :) Good luck on your book and picture hunting!

Kimananda: oh don't worry! I hope you feel better soon :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Your a very nice person for doing so.

Maybe the tree will grow even more beautiful!

enleaver said...

did i miss something? have i been so out of the bloggi world that i didn't even realise that esuoh nevets is steve, as in superfoot steve?

Devil Mood said...

Day: I'm not that nice but I try sometimes ;) I hope the trees grows back alright because it was so lovely. It was wonderful to look at her every day

Valerene: That's right! Don't worry, I took a long time to figure out myself and it was staring right at my face.

Chloe said...

i love trees too. i'm going to follow your suggestion and pick a photo. if you like trees, visit
He is a wonderful photographer and he loves trees a lot. I have his link on my site too.

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: oh yes, I've seen it. He's got great pictures :)