Monday, March 27, 2006

My escape for today

Laguna Nimez Reserve, El Calafate - Argentina
After being in Tahiti, a change of scenery is needed so I'm heading to somewhere less touristic. This place looks just what I need.
I had the most exhausting day, so forgive me if I can't visit all of your blogs, like I wanted to. I'm too tired to even think right now. I had to give two public presentations today for 4 hours and it was hugely stressful. I hate speaking in public, I'm SHY for God's sake, I really don't need the stress and especially not the criticism afterwards.
The good thing's done and it's one step closer to my freedom :)
"Can anybody hear me?
I just want to
And when I can...I will!
Try to understand, that when I can...I will"
Mayonaise - The Smashing Pumpkins


DayByDay4-2Day said...

That scean does look peaceful. Hopefully the rest of the week goes by better.

Cathy said...

I want spring; sun and warmth and blossoming flowers. Won't be joining you on this one, my friend.

Meow said...

Ummm, don't know about the snow. After all the glorious weather here, knowing that we are heading toward the Winter road, I don't think I want to go anywhere with snow right now. Beautiful photo, though, and very relaxing looking. Take care, Meow

Chloe said...

give us more of them.
i didn't expect to read pumpkin lyrics at 3:15. but now i did and i am happy xx

Maddy said...

Serene. I would love to hike

Connie and Rob said...

I want you to go where you are going to be happy for sure!! I want to stay and try to get some warm weather here.

Take care,

fb said...

I'd still prefer the ocean and the sun but then crunching snow underfoot and long overcoats and long shadows do have an appeal of sorts too...

Around the world in eighty blogs?!

Devil Mood said...

Day: I think it will, at least the biggest stress is over. Thanks, have a great week yourself!

Cathy: I understand but I didn't have snow at all...The most important part is not the snow but the peacefulness of the scene.

Meow: Like I was saying to Cathy, the most important bit is the peacefulness and the beauty of the image. I needed somewhere really calm. :)

Chloe: I'm glad it wasn't too traumatizing - I know I can get a bit crazy when I listen to the Pumpkins unexpectedly. ;P

Maddy: Yes, hike, hike and rest :)

Connie: Sure, it's getting warmer over here too, finally...But the weather isn't the most important thing. Take care

FB: That's a good idea - around the world in 80 blogs he he! I'll try one day :)

Steve Awesome said...

Frreeedoooom. Though too much freedom can be a bad thing

Devil Mood said...

Nevets: that's true. I'm not sure I'll know how to handle too much freedom :/ But until then...set me free!

kimananda said...

Now this looks peaceful...I liked Tahiti and all, but I'm not sure it's the best place...I think about the sun and I get horribly sunburned, really. This I can deal with more safely.

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: lol Yes, too much sun can be dangerous. And it can be a bit boring too.

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