Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Heading to the East

This is Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji in Japan - lovely :)

Forgive me but today I'm even more exhausted, so I'll keep on mind-travelling and quoting nice songs - that's what life is all about. It isn't? Well, maybe not ;)
The weather is slowly turning into Spring - it's still quite chilly in the morning and evening but when the sun is out it gets really hot. No one knows what to wear at this point.
I'll leave you with these nice lyrics, the song is nothing special but I enjoy this bit:

"You might think it's strange,
For all my wild ideas,
But I do not believe that change,
Can ever happen without tears.

But I do believe in love,
Though I should never rely on love
Nothing else excites me,
But loving you"
Katie Melua - I do believe in love


fb said...

It's going to be Benfica v Arsenal in The Champions League Final isn't!?

enleaver said...

such lovely lyrics. i love katie melua :)

Devil Mood said...

FB: I don't know about Benfica - but who knows? They've been this lucky so far..I was amazed by Arsenal though..great result!

Valerene: Yes, so do I :)

kimananda said...

Wonderful tranquil relaxed photo. I'm ready...when are we leaving? ;-)

Meow said...

Another beautiful photo ... yay, no snow this time !! Make sure you pack me in your suitcase !!
Take care, Meow :-)

Connie and Rob said...

Actually the weather is pretty much the same here. It is warm one day and then back with the heavy jacket the next.

Love your picture as always.

Take care of yourself,

Cathy said...

Today is the nicest spring day we've had yet' sunny and going up to 14 degrees C!

Take Care.

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: We're leaving right now, if you can! I'm too bored at work to even think twice...

Meow: No snow but it looks quite fresh. We're leaving right now, as I said to Kimananda :)

Connie: Today it's raining again, after a little sun yesterday. March has been rainier than any month of Autumn or Winter, go figure!

Cathy: That's great! That's probably almost as high as the temperature over here. Enjoy your Spring day, if you can :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Ditto here!

Devil Mood said...

Day: come along, we're going :)