Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring evening

This is my favourite Magritte. I had a scene like this today: it was a really warm day (Spring is here! 21 degrees) and at dusk I was watching the trees against a blue sky, birds singing. It was a beautiful scene, despite the situation (I has waiting for a meeting I had to go to and fed up of being at work) and it reminded me of this painting. It's lovely because it's dark but there's daylight at the same time.
Have a great week people of the world!


Cathy said...

The photo is lovely and I can only imagine the warmth. It was 10 here today and that is spring for Halifax. Tomorrow will be a pounding pouring rain storm.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

you have a great week lady of the blog!

Maddy said...

Strangely beautiful picture.
Who lives there - and who
walk quietly outside -
thinking poetic thoughts?

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: I already got rid of the winter coats. But the rise of the temperature was so sudden, I feel somewhat confused..Well, at least it's not snow, you must be a little tired of that. ;)

Day: Thanks, Lady Day! You too! :)

Madelyn: Yes, this is the kind of picture that makes me wonder about those things...I wouldn't mind being there for a day.

Connie and Rob said...

Thank you for opening the Magritte artworld for me. I might have seen some before but didn't know the name. Looked up the site.

Wishing you warm thoughts cause it is a bit too chilly there!!
Lovely post. Thank you.

Devil Mood said...

Connie: I'm glad you investigate Magritte cause he really was a great painter and his art is very dreamy and interesting. :) Warm thoughts coming your way.