Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday is a lovely day

Who said dogs weren't intellectuals?

The book my dog is holding under his paw is the one I was reading and already mentioned "White City Blue". Since some of you asked me how it was, I'm making a small resume:
The book is about a man, a successful housing agent, who thinks he's more intelligent than his friends (but that's not the main point). He meets a woman and is very unsure about whether or not he should marry her. Eventually he gives in and asks her. But before the wedding he is forced to choose between his friends from childhood and the woman and he chooses the friends. Big mistake, since he later realizes he doesn't really like them at all...Fortunately for him, he is given another chance to marry the girl and, in the end, he rethinks his life and discovers he can't keep the joy he felt in his childhood forever. He needs to take a chance and grow up.

The last few days have been great in terms of the weather. It's been an early Summer. Fortunately today I went out to a place I had never been before. It's great because seeing the same places all the time is very tiring. I think we all should do something new everyday, even if it isn't bungee jumping or something radical...Or, if it isn't possible, learn something new and significant - it isn't easy, since we have more and more information available and it's hard to figure out what is important and what is just ...junk.
I don't like to end a post without mentioning a song, so let's see...
And I wish you all of your dreams
'Cause they're never what they seem
But uncertainty is the beauty in life
And I wonder whether we will ever realize
And I stumble a while and I tumble over every step of time
Sophie Barker - Stumble
Go Chelsea! ;)
PS - it's very funny that my theme today was New when the photo hunt I've seen on your blogs was for something Old...It wasn't on purpose!


kimananda said...

Your dog is very cute! And I like the idea of learning something new task today was going to be learning to write more of my project without procrastination blogging, but I just couldn't refuse a short visit! ;-)

Chloe said...

has your dog considered starting a blog?
Devil, can i say again, i am so relieved to have found your usual spot in the net instead of that crappy site your old address used to take me to?

Connie and Rob said...

What a cute pup!!! Looks like your learning excitement has rubbed off...

I really do agree that it makes life much more exciting just to experience a new taste or see a beautiful flower or even hear some fun trivia.

Good post.

Connie and Rob said...
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Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: Thanks, he was already a vain dog but after your comment, he'll be wagging his tail all night! I know what you mean, I've been postponing a lot of work myself.

Chloe: Well, he'd probably have more stories to tell than me! He's a real adventurer :) I'm sorry for the scare you suffered when you saw that crappy site :/

Connie: Thank you, I do think that it's refreshing to get new things in your life :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I've been going for a walk in the neighborhood almost everyday and it's senery is getting boring.

fb said...

Did you see Jose wearing his Portugal scarf before throwing his jacket and medals into the crowd!

Then we had the existential crisis press conference about joy and the lack of, I guess its an anticlimax winning two in a row?! ;)

Thats one way of making sure other people don't take your books!

Maddy said...

what a sweet dog - should meet
my dog Roxy - they could
start their own "dogger"
love the title of the song
want to write a poem with
that word in it...


Devil Mood said...

Day: I know, that happens to me too. I'm sick and tired of my way to work and back, although there's a garden in the middle I quite like.

FB: Yes, I saw him, it was nice :) He went a little overboard in the press conference but I have to agree that most people don't give him the credit he deserves because of the Russian's money.
Yes, my dog is a good guard, he barks at anyone he doesn't know.

Maddy: Stumble ahead! It's a really nice song. I really like the ideia of a group dogger :)

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