Thursday, April 27, 2006

Let's work on that blogger's block

(I've been sniffing around but now I'm back)

I've been a little busy working and not being inspired to write but I'm back now. And ready to start blabbing...

On emigration: many portuguese people are being deported from Canada since the new government decided to be stricter on their rules. I can't blame them because they're deporting the illegal ones but the whole situation is a bit dramatic. Many of these people had their families there and all their stuff put together and now they have to come back and part from some members of the family and start again. it's not easy to start again, that's why I admire them for emigrating in the first place, it takes some courage. Maybe they could have given them an opportunity to legalize themselves and not throw them out of the country at once. After all, I don't think they ever caused any trouble. Anyway, there's a sketch about that on Canadian Tv. It's funny!

On football and the whole Scolari soap opera: I've mentioned this before - I can't wait for the english to take him, I can't stand the man. We'll definitely be having a portuguese manager next, we don't want any more lazy brazilians. Now the english press are saying that Portugal will lose their coach and "poor them" but most of us really don't like him, so we're glad. It's just disrespectful of him to be offering himself to England when we're still paying his wages...but that's the way of the world. I just hope they don't come crying afterwards because Big Phil is a stubborn mule. I'm sure that if he decides that, for instance, he doesn't like Michael Owen and doesn't think he's a good striker...he will never call him for the team, no matter how much he is pressurized by the media.
People were worried that the whole scene would be really uncomfortable if England played Portugal in the 1/4 finals of the World Cup - now I'm sure that this will happen, because all these coincidences happen to put people uncomfortable. It'll be funny :)

On my family: Guess what? My Grandmother's gone home from hospital, almost as good as new :)

On TV: They started playing the last season of Six Feet Under over here this week. Those people are so troubled and confused, it's depressing. But at the same time it's a really enjoyable time when I'm watching it. Go figure! My eyes are glued to the Tv too when there's Lost, Desperate Housewives and ER - what can I say? I'm addicted to tv series...

On postcards: I don't usually post about the postcards I get from postcrossing but why the hell not, since I'm talking so much today? Yesterday I got one from Taiwan, really exciting and today there was one from Cardiff.

Farewell :)


Meow said...

I'm glad your grandmother is doing so much better.
I'm the same as you with Six Feet Under ... we only recently started getting the last season, and it is such a strange show, but I cannot stop watching it. Other favorites are Lost, ER, and a number of wonderful Aussie dramas. I am a mega-TV-head !!
Postcards from Taiwan and Cardiff ... what wonderful places, the cards must be beautiful. Yours from me is on it's way.
Take care, Meow

Cathy said...

I agree with you about the deportation; we are actually not hearing very much about it, but the public in general is rather unhappy so far with the new government.

Maddy said...

i am sooooo happy you're
grandma is home!!!!!!!!

Connie and Rob said...

Wonderful news on your grandmother!!

It is really fun getting postcards from all around. I bet the two you mentioned are particularly fun.

Take care,

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Granma's coming home is a great thing!

The USA is working on deporting issues too.

Glad your words found you once again.

Stephanie said...

So happy to hear your grandmother is doing well. Mine's still hanging in there too, but lives in a nursing home now. Inspiration comes and goes, I think - happy to see you blogging again :)

Devil Mood said...

Meow: I hope you get my postcard next week, I'm looking forward to yours. Aussie dramas is something we don't get over here...I think the only australian thing we ever got was Neighbours lol What can you do? ;)

Cathy: It's probably better for the government to keep those things as quiet as possible, I suppose.

Maddy: Me too and thanks :)

Connie: Yes, the cards were really lovely. And it's great that there are still wonderful news to talk about!

Day: Deporttation costs a lot of money, if people aren't doing anything wrong, maybe they should be given a chance. But, given the terrorist attacks and everything, they feel the need to be more careful...

Stephanie: We can't really ask for our grandmothers to start running around and jumping and playing...there are certain limitations. But I'm glad she's better, they're better.

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