Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hello people

Gimme, gimme, gimme...sunlight!

I've been working on my Seminar again lately and soon I'll be sending the questionnaires for those who said they wanted to participate. I hope you still do! So be prepared to reflect on your blog experience :)

Over here in Portugal the talk has been the players selected by the Big Stupid Scolari for the portuguese team. The big deal this time is that he didn't call the best player of the championship (Quaresma) and called, instead, a bunch of players that are out of shape and even without a club! I'm not very optimistic about this World Cup.

I'm listening to "The winner takes it all" by Abba, as a preparation to the Eurovision Song Contest. No, I'm kidding. I actually listen to Abba very frequently, I like them :P This song always brings a tear to my eyes...well, not always, but often. I'm still feeling ignored but, at the same time, conscious that it's partly my fault. You can't complain about being ignored when you do little to be noticed, right?


Stephanie said...

I hope things work out for you - all of these things. If you see some sunshine (the literal kind), can you send it my way?

PS - My post brought to you by the letter L is in process. Lots of words to collect :)

Meow said...

I enjoy listening to Abba now and then ... always makes me sing along, and think I'm back at school !!
Hope everything is going well with you. Life can certainly throw us some challenges at times, can't it.
Did I say I wanted to participate ?? Cause I do !! Looking forward to it, in fact.
Take care, Meow

fb said...

I'd like to say the right thing but not being too sure what to say to lift you up, I've been musing and came up with nothing inspirational.

But hope just my quick visit lifts you a bit!

kimananda said...

Oh, no! But Portugal has to have a good team...they're the only ones I'm really into in an emotional way, and I would like at least a win or two in the Cup! :-(

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: I think I already have sent you that sunshine, from what I could gather in your blog. Good, I'm looking forward to that L-post :)

Meow: You said it and I'm counting on you. I'll contact you when I have the questionnaire ready :) Thanks!

FB: Of course, your visits always cheer me up. Don't worry about the right words :)

Kimananda: Well, we're not that bad and we might go through the first games but then it gets tough...I'm not sure how it'll turn out but I can't wait to see it :)

omm said...

Did you need someone's particular attention or was it about fame?...I can feel quite well when I can go everywhere and not being spotted by any man, free of the control of institutional groups, not acosed by consumming techniques, etc.

Being an observer, having space to clarify your ideas and/or feelings, being trusted by others and being gifted certain responsibility over your life; could it be called "being ignored"? ...

Anyway, I don't ignore you for instance, and I think you may one of the nicest and smarter women on Portugal. It may be just Spring polen without a partner on your side, but that's seasonal -and provisional-, not you.

Any place where you wish you'd be now btw?

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I haven't listend to them in years. Good luck on the school thing. I'm trying to get prepared to take a on-line class.

Christopher said...

I've never liked Abba. I think its because people only play the hits and it always reminds me of cheesy, drunken office parties!

Steve Awesome said...

i reckon you are probably always on someones mind but you just dont realise it.

Never feel bad about wanting attention as humans we crave it

Steve Awesome said...

oh yeah and bloody Portuguese always trying to take out Rooney. Cant beat us with him so you've gone and injured him again cos you know we'll probably meet in the quarter finals.

A bit closer to the time Im gonna do a post about how I percieve different countries chances, fancy doing the same? Id be interested in your opinions

Chloe said...

did i say i'd participate? i think i did.
again, i wonder how you could be ignored. maybe you are not in the right context for you? other than hat, i can't see how. honestly.

Devil Mood said...

Oh you people spoil me rotten! :)

Omara: I don't know what to say, I'm so embarrassed :) I like being unoticed most of time and I am but, in this case, it was someone's particular attention I was trying to get. But in a sense, I like to be ignored most of the time. Thank you for that wonderful and unrealistic compliment. Right now, I wish I were in Madrid, having a cup of coffee with you :)

Day: Thank you. Go luck with your online class, that sounds exciting. I'll be checking that out in your blog.

Christopher: I've never been to a cheesy office party, that's probably with I still like Abba :)

Steve: You're too nice ;) lol, it's true about Rooney but this time he injured himself, Paulo Ferreira just happened to be there..I hope we don't meet in the quarter finals because this time we'll lose :/ Sure, I'll do that world cup post (many posts, probably) after you. It should be fun!

Chloe: Yes, you did! I often think a better context for me would be the zoo, animals love me lol Thanks :)

HanktheDog said...

World cup controversies! I wish we Americans would get bitten by the cup bug to a greater extent. It sounds like great global fun.

Devil Mood said...

Hank: Hi! You could get excited - gather a number of friends to watch the USA games and enjoy it! But thank the heavens that the bug doesn't hit you very bad because over here it's so bad all everybody talks about is football for a 2 months...crazy!

Scholiast said...

I must have missed your posting about this earlier - still like to participate if I may..

Maddy said...

i don't know who would ignore you
- you are engaging and intelligent
and thoughtful and a great
observor of the human condition.

so there.

waiting for my survey -

Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: Of course you may participate! :)

Maddy: Thanks for your kindness. But people ignore each other..even myself (despite being a great observer ;) may be ignoring someone at this exact moment...