Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Still in Brazil, Rio - cidade maravilhosa

Two little sentences and you get the picture:

Today I should...work all day and come home to obediently study as much as I could.

Today I am....dreaming distractedly, feeling like a stupid teenager, wondering, appreciating the Spring feeling, all the hormones in the air...wishing people could read my mind (only certain people), imagining what could be that probably won't.

Got it? And you also get a real picture, as a bonus! Take care :)


jackt said...

Ahhhhh I wish I were enjoying such a view right now...take it in while you can and forget the studying! :)

Maddy said...

ah - love the hormones flying
in the air.
good poetry in that line.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Thanks for the bonus!

Cathy said...

Keep on dreaming :)XO

Meow said...

Mmmmm, I know that feeling well.
Lovely photo, thank you.
Take care, Meow

Steve Awesome said...

Im the wrong person for advice when it comes to daydreaming about people but I do know that when it comes to working you need to have freetime too.... Just not too much!

kimananda said...

Enjoy the dreaming...you can dream and work...and I speak from experience on that advice! :-)

Jemima said...

Uma boa praia.

Devil Mood said...

Jackt: Ahh I wish I could but at the same time I also want to do what I have to and get it done with :)

Maddy: Poetry is everywhere, especially when hormones are concerned ;)

Day: You're welcome, enjoy it!

Cathy: I hope to continue always :)

Meow: I'm glad you know that feeling, isn't it great? ;)

Steve: Okay, I'll try to control myself but not too much...I need the distraction sometimes.

Kimananda: Really? We can? That's great news, thank you!

Jvs: Olá! Sim, é uma linda praia :)

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