Monday, May 22, 2006


Just a quick word to tell you that the next 3 weeks will be hell for me professionally and I won't have much time to post and dwell on blogging as much as I enjoy. I wanted to have the survey ready to send to some of you this week but I don't know if that's going to be possible.
There's so much to do at the moment....

And, at the same time, other things don't stop just because you're busy. My head is a mess of things to think about and my heart (I've never been so corny in my life) doesn't know when to beat faster or if it should just forget about it...

Today I wished for a Brazil (Pernambuco).


Steve Awesome said...

The best thing to do whren things are hectic and confusing is be confident and proud. You have a lot of skills and compassion you can be proud of; I tell you this because I think some things are more obvious to others than yourself

Chloe said...

i'll be waiting for you.
i know you are going to do fine. you are exceptional.

Meow said...

Hope all goes well for you. Stay positive, and try and take at least 20 minutes here and there for yourself, to time-out. Take care, look after yourself, see you when you can .... Meow

jackt said...

Good luck w/ everything!

Connie and Rob said...

Stop and take a deep breath every once in a while. Take good care of yourself. Hope everything goes well for you.


Stephanie said...

Good luck. Hopefully the time will fly by because you're so busy and you'll be back to doing the things you like to do (instead of the things you MUST do) in no time at all. We'll miss you in blogland!

Maddy said...

you glow in the dark so set
your heart free!


Devil Mood said...

Steve: Ohhh thanks :) I'll keep that in mind. But it's definitely true that you don't see things in yourself that are obvious to others.

Chloe: Oh...blushing again! I think I can still manage to visit and post but maybe not as much as I'd like to.

Meow: Yes, time-outs are precious and essential! The trouble is when I start taking more than 20 minutes. ;)

Jackt: Thank you very much!

Connie: thank you, I'll do that. I won't go crazy, I promise!

Stephanie: I'm sure it'll fly by, but that's one of my worries because I don't have enough time to study. Bah..there's always something...I won't be very far and I'll still be visiting and posting, I can't stay away!

Maddy: Despite appreciating the kind words of everyone, that was the best advice :D I should do that but it's scary!