Sunday, June 25, 2006


WE WON!!! HOLY CHRIST! What a game, what a battle...
I feel like my head is going to explode from all the was so tough.
I still don't have much words to describe it, except that I still can't believe that russian bastard that calls himself a referee, he was a total disgrace, unbelievable!
We were unlucky sometimes (losing Ronaldo, Costinha and Deco in the same game isn't easy), and sometimes we were lucky...It was an ugly game....but the one thing I won't allow anyone to deny is that we truly deserved to win. We fought harder than ever and we had a brilliant team spirit.
I even like Scolari today. I love them all :)


kimananda said...

See my previous comment...unbelievable game...what was it, 16 yellow cards? And of course the 4 red ones. By the end, my mantra was 1) don't let Holland equalize, and 2) please god don't let Holland equalize so that we have to suffer through extra time with this suspense!

But Portugal did it!!!!!! Hooray is absolutely right!

fb said...

Can I give you a yellow card too?

You since if you didn't get one you were clearly doing something wrong in the eyes of the referee! ;)

It was a tense entertaining game in a different way from Argentina v Mexico.

Some of the portugese players were so inspired with their Figo on viagra or something?! Compared to other players at the tournament in their thirties he looked sprightly, the right back was full of energy and Maniche showed more interest and skill in this game than anything at Chelsea...

The Dutch were cynical in their diving...Arjen Robben. I actually thought he was a great player when he first arrived in England but his selfishness and his diving make me lose all respect for the man. Did you ever see him get Pepe Reina sent off against Liverpool?

And what is the big deal about Dirk Kuyt? All these rumours of Premiership Clubs wanting to sign him but why? He hasn't particulary impressed.

All in all though Portugal were more inventive and looked like they wanted to win.

So England v portugal next!

Cathy said...

What a game!

Maddy said...

I hear this game was

And i thought of YOU and
felt so happy:)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

If it makes you happy then I'm glad.

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: I couldn't take one more second of it - when the game ended I just felt like screaming. It was nerve-wrecking!

FB: Maybe yellow cards are the new fashion trend in Russia...I don't know how they did it, honestly, everything seemed to be going wrong but they held on...Figo is a new man lol And Maniche was in really bad shape when he was at Chelsea, he was embarrassing back then.
Yes, Robben was a dissapointment and Holland in general. Portugal aren't the kings of fair-play but they were mean :P I'm getting ready for another heart-attack on saturday hehe!

Cathy: Jesus, I hope there aren't any more like this, it was more like a civil war...

Maddy: Hi, new picture! :) I'm glad. Actually when I was watching I thought: there are people all over the world that want us to win, so come on ;)

Day: Yes, very happy, until the next game (that's how football goes). :)