Friday, June 16, 2006

Line of Beauty

One of these characters isn't gay...can you guess who? lol

All is quiet in this front...I haven't done much besides working (not too much) and watching football - my eyes are going square today (I think this is what you say when you watch too much TV).
In the last 3 weeks I had the chance to watch a mini-series made by the BBC, from a book by Alan Hollinghurst, if I'm not mistaken ("Line of Beauty"). Only 3 episodes but really addictive. It's about the higher classes of society in England during the late Thatcher years. The main character is a young homosexual, living in the middle of the family of a minister. I should've known better - from other dramas that talk about the same issues (Angels in America & Philadelphia) - it's always quite sad and depressing, people infected with HIV, being rejected from society.
The series showed a very degrading lifestyle of cocaine and casual sex but, at the same time, could also be very pure with piano songs and gardens and beautiful houses in the south of France. I was shocked sometimes but I couldn't let go. Maybe because there was a line of beauty in all of it - in this context of the book/series the line of beauty was the ogive, the curved lines. All very symbolic, I imagine.


Maddy said...

I love the beauty amidst the
dark things...
Philadelphia was beautiful -
the ending - when the family
watched the home movies...
all that love.

Chloe said...

doesn't it suck that homosexuals are always portrayed among mountains of pure Colombian snow and decadence?

jackt said...

If that's an expression, my eyes are CUBED!

kimananda said...

This sounds really interesting...Thor and I rented Angels in America on a whim, and were totally entranced. We might have to look for this one as well.

And totally unrelated, any thoughts about the US Italy game? It was the first time I was truly, deeply rooting for my home team. Which was pretty scary. :-o

Devil Mood said...

Maddy: Yes, I didn't remember that part but now I do, it was nice :)

Chloe: Yes, it's really exaggerated. They don't need that, they're already prejudiced enough in their daily lives.

Jackt: lol cubed! Yes, my eyes are heading to cubes too...

Kimananda: Angels in America was my favourite series ever. Yes, I know that sounds a little depressing, but I really loved it.
I understand how you felt like that watching the game because the US played really well, despite everything. But few teams are lucky against Italy, they have a supernatural power, which is really annoying. But I think you should continue to support your team :)