Sunday, June 18, 2006

This is the funniest thing in the world cup so far: this was the present Iran gave to Portugal when the players exchanged gifts at the beginning of the game. It's so original!

I haven't been around much because I'm having trouble with my Internet connection: my computer has been playing some pranks, the little devil.

The birthday: It was my blog's 1st birthday on Friday, congratulations baby! ;) I can honestly say that I didn't expect it to last so long and that I never expected people to actually take an interest in it - I really appreciate it though. Anyway, despite this having been a tough year for me, the blog gave me a lot of joy and I'm thankful for it.

The World Cup: It has become more exciting in these last few days (not Portugal, we haven't been exciting at all and we'll probably be back home very soon). On the positive side Argentina and Ghana were great!!! It was a shame that Australia couldn't score against Brazil, I think they deserved it. And the US were really good, against those italians with a serious lack of energy.

The question: Isn't it strange that I have a strong desire of being a writer but I have neither creativity, nor writing talent? I always thought these "callings" happened when you were good at something.

The book: I'm reading the most interesting book that crossed my path in ages: it's about the development of the English language and languages in general. It's called Mother Tongue, written by Bill Bryson. It's really funny but above all I feel like I'm learning something in every sentence I read and it's about something I truly love, language :)

The song: I was going to mention a song by Carla Bruni but at this exact moment I'm listening to R Kelly's The World's Greatest and browsing some world cup photos and I though it couldn't be any mopre appropriate: I'm that star up in the sky, I'm that mountain peak up high, Yeah I made it, I'm the world's greatest - I dedicate it to the future champions ;)


Meow said...

You do have a talent for writing ... don't put yourself down like that ... too much negativity, stay positive ... if you couldn't write, we wouldn't be reading you, would we !?!?!
It is a shame the Aussies failed to score against Brazil, but it was a very good match, I thought (although I need sleep, it was telecast from 2am to 4am this morning ... yawn !!).
Have a great week, take care, Meow

Maddy said...

You absolutely DO have a talent
for writing...
you are so personable in your
use of language - with you -
and i don't feel this with many
bloggers - i feel as though
you are actually in the room
with me chatting - I LOVE this
about your connects
me right away!

and you can spell
....i really hate that...


Steve Awesome said...

aww man you get to watch football. I get to see what I can possibly stay awake for though with Korean commentry. mind you I know Korea are doing well from the fervant support and air horns I keep hearing. The kids are telling me the scores but I can know use the internet to find out if they lied to me!!!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

maybe you just haven't developed that talent yet?? It might be waiting for you to take action!

kimananda said...

Callings happen when you were meant to do something, and if you're meant to do it, then you become good at it. You are good, and you're getting better as you develop your talent and your will to actually sit down and write.

And I don't want to hear about Portugal going home soon...if they make it to the quarters, then I'll be watching their games from Lisbon. Which is a desperately attractive idea. Which officials do I need to bribe to make that possible? ;-)

Devil Mood said...

Meow: Oh thanks, Meow. Maybe this negativity will help me become better and then I'll get positive! ;) Yes, it was a good match, but it would've been much better if Australia had scored :) That's probably the worst hour for a football match :/

Maddy: Oh that's so nice!! :) I'm really glad you feel that way, it's good to get through to people! To let on a little secret..I can tell you: sometimes I check the spelling or the dictionary! ;)

STEVE!!!! HI!!! :)) Today I saw the Korean people celebrating after the match, all very excited and going crazy and I thought: Steve must be freaking out by now, in the middle of that craziness. lol How are you? It's a shame you can't watch every game, but now other things are more important! :)

Day: I hope I can grow on that, but sometimes I feel like I have a blockage I need to take care of :)

Kimananda: I hope so. Although I can't imagine myself writing for a living. To be honest I can't imagine myself doing anything for a living, but we'll see.
I think it'd be great, for every reason, if you could watch those games in Lisbon! Bribing is a risk job these days ;)

Stephanie said...

Happy 1st Birthday!

Okay, first, I agree with the masses here - you do have a talent for writing :) Second, I've seen so many bad bands that I can say, without a doubt, sometimes people are called to things they are not good at, and lord help their friends and families.

For us, all the World Cup games happen while we're at work, so I just hear about scores later. Maybe I'll be able to see more this weekend.

fb said...

Do you think Mrs Figo wants thae Iranian 'Artwork'?

Or will Big Phil hang it at home?

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: Thank you :) so I guess callings aren't something divine all the time.

FB: I'm sure the president of the portuguese FA will enjoy it very much, not because he has good taste, but because he'll take anything anyone offers him (oh, that was harsh!)