Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I got you, babes

This is my view of Sonny and Cher, I can be artistic sometimes ;)

I got the result for one of my exams today and it was pretty good. It made me more confident on my abilities to study under pressure. Maybe that's my problem - there's not enough pressure all the time.
The rest of the day was nothing much, despite being my Mum's birthday (did you notice how my parents' birthdays are so close to each other? Imagine living with 2 Gemini!!).
Later on, there was a very good game to watch Sweden vs. England. I was happy with the draw, seeing as they're some of my favourite teams. It's hard when you're not supporting one team 100% - it gets confusing ;P


Maddy said...

two gemini - isn't that four?


awwww, i love your sketch!!!!

Chloe said...

congratulations on the good exam results xxxxxxxxxxx

jackt said...

Some people strive under pressure. But it's important to have discipline no matter what, I think.

Steve Awesome said...

I bet you were never short of a babysitter when you were little.

Well doen on the exam, I often work under pressure because I'm too lazy to start things early... or should that be too easily distracted. Yes that suits me better.

Devil Mood said...

Maddy: It seems like four sometimes, they're very aggitated ;) lol

Chloe: Thank you! :)

Jackt: You're right, I don't have much of that but I feel guilty for it...grrr

Steve: lol I'm like that too, I take a long time to start things, it's a hell of a stress. And I'm distrated by any detail when I have work to do.