Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Portugal 2 - Mexico 1

I'll never forgive myself for posting 2 pictures of Figo in the same week, but he's looking so silly!

This game got me a little more excited about the team. We played very well in the first half, considering many of our best players weren't there. I was positively surprised.
But on the second half we shouldn't have to suffer so hard. We should control the game better, keep the ball on the other half of the pitch. And there was no need for so many yellow cards, the referee was out of his mind...
Anyway, Holland is coming next. Tough, but at least we avoided Argentina. The real world cup starts here - let's see if we have what it takes. (I still doubt it)


kimananda said...

I'm afraid that my desperate wish for Portugal to get to the quarter finals, for my own purely selfish reasons, will jinx it.

So, I'll try to curb my enthusiasm, for the good of vossa seleção and their chances against Holland, but I make no guarantees.

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: lol It's alright, don't worry. If they have to win, they'll win; if not, it's too bad but not your fault!

Christopher said...

The world cup is passing me by...Am I missing something?

DayByDay4-2Day said...

glad to hear you enjoying something.

Maddy said...

i am going to read my
National Geographic article
on Soccer - as i feel quite left

Devil Mood said...

Chris: It depends on the perspective. I'd be gutted if I was missing it, but then...I'm crazy. :P

Day: That sounded like I rarely enjoy things...maybe it's true. Or maybe that wasn't what you meant. Either way, I'm enjoying it now lol

Maddy: Don't feel like that, it's not worth it. On the 9th July it'll all end and I'll be back to be a normal person. I promise!

fb said...

A pair of clogs for Mr Figo next?

Although the hat is from post game celebrations...

I've never thought about it but what do the England team hand over before kick-off?

Italy and Czech Republic didn't give each other gifts oter than penannts.

Italy are terrible...Australia have every chance of beating them.

Until scoring last night Ronaldo was and is still in the my name and reputation precedes my actual ability in this World Cup...other players include Totti and Van Nistelrooy.

Devil Mood said...

FB: Yes, hopefully clogs in the final celebration. lol I think most teams just present a single pennant (thanks for teaching me the word :)
I get really angry with teams like Italy and France that always go through, no matter how badly they play. And those players are nowadays just names :P It's a dog world!

fb said...

Players who play better for their club sides:

Thierry Henry
The England Team

Oh and another one for the 'my name precedes me team'...Schevchenko although he has been injured.

I think Australia v Italy is going to be a good game...with Italy probably playing very cynically against Australia's 'We can do this spirit'.

Devil Mood said...

FB: That shows how important the team really is and sometimes the manager. I'm looking forward to the Brazil-Ghana game, I'd love Ghana to be the surprise of the cup.
As for Italy-Australia I'm predicting a sad 1-0...let's hope not!