Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Munich - what a stadium!

It's (almost) over.
Didn't you expect a little more from a World Cup Semi-Final? It was such a lukewarm game: just one goal (from a penalty), two yellow cards, a lot of defending from France, a lot of possession for Portugal but not many chances to score and, in the end, a few half-smiles and no tears. What's the matter with these people? lol
It pains me to say this but I think these teams turned into Greece of 2004 (no offence) - results are better than "joga bonito" - this is the football of today.
We have a curse with France, it's been 30 years since we last beat them and in the meantime we lost two semi-finals against them in the european championships of 1984 and 2000. Sad story.
Anyway, I wasn't very optimistic about this, but we still could've won, it was such a stupid game, it's a bit frustrating to lose like this.
Still, I'm proud we got this far: we're only going home a day before the final. On Saturday we'll play again, against Germany to see who gets the 3rd place. That's another stupid game...who cares anyway?


fb said...

Who would have thought that Germany and Italy would play attacking football with rampaging full backs!?...Grosso, Zambrotta, Lahm.

It was a flat game game compared to the other semi final and the goals seem to have dried up since the group stages.

I wanted Ricardo to score at the end when Portugal had their corners but alas it wasn't to be.

Steve Awesome said...

I didn't know. Sorry. The world cup can really suck sometimes but gives fantastic euphoria at others. France were always going to be tough to beat but there is always next time. I think that deep down all football supporters are optimists and think one day... just one day... maybe it will all come good

Devil Mood said...

FB: Yes, at least Italy's game was very surprising. I never saw them play like that and I've been in the business for...well, not too long ;) If only we had one of France's forwards, (Henry, Gouvou, Trezeguet, Saha, Wiltord) just the one would be nice lol

Steve: That's a nice thought: we're all optimistic fools. We have to be, you're right, otherwise it wouldn't make sense.

Scholiast said...

At least you'll have a chance to beat the Germans to a pulp in the bronze final ;)

Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: That's right, but it'll be very hard. Depends on who is more motivated for that match.

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