Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mailbox extravaganza

I was having trouble posting my holiday pictures so I thought I'd start posting the things I had on my mailbox when I arrived. Forgive me for the bad quality of the pictures.

Here's a lovely package that Chloe sent me, including the summer hits CD - Dos Gardenias para mi amor la-la-la :)

Scholiast sent me 2 very nice postcards: one from Berlin and another one from Norway. It's great to travel light like this :) The last but not the least was a very cute postcard from Meow and some very original Australian animals :)

Next I'll post the holiday pictures - I just like to leave you in expectation. (no, I'm just kidding).


kimananda said...

Cool gifts! I too have postcards to send from Lisbon...but now I'm back, and the postcards are still in my backpack, unwritten. I am thinking of a two-for-one postcard sending when I'm in China next week.

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: You're in China next week? Wow!! :) I'm shocked hehe

Chloe said...

i like sending you thingies

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: Me too and receiving them, as well ;)

Anonymous said...

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