Friday, August 18, 2006

Swing surprise

One of these nights, there was a Michael Buble concert on Tv. It was probably the 2nd time it was broadcasted and I remember that the first time I watched a little bit, a few months ago, I thought he was a good singer but I didn't have the patience to listen to those songs. Well, this time is was a bliss.
Feeling good, Come fly with me, Fever, I've got you under my skin, Sway, For once in my life..He can get away singing just about anything. I really enjoyed it but, at the same time I was thinking: when did I become middle-aged? My musical preferences have been going around in the last few years like a lost sock in the washing machine - anything goes. But it's fun this way, I don't always listen to the same things.
I thought Michael Buble was just a good singer, but he's also a good entertainer and he seems to be funny and have his own personality and character, which is something I feared he hadn't. It was a pleasant surprise.
Plus it reminded me of my current favourite love definition:

What a lovely way to burn...


Stephanie said...

I listen to old-fashioned lounge-style music (prefer the original performers mostly - love Julie London) and drink old-man drinks :) Liking lots of different styles of music keeps life interesting.

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: I don't know Julie London, will have to investigate :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I'm not sure who he is, but glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

Meow said...

Oooooh, Michael Buble is a wonderful singer. It's funny how our musical tastes change. I never realised how much until I started loading my iPod !! I have a lot of 70s & 80s ... my young years, then I have heaps of 50s & 60s (mum and dad used to play this stuff all the time), and I have some classical even, along with swing and that type (Michael, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, and stuff like that, too). Hardly any NOW music, though ... too head-banging for me !!
Hope your weekend is going wonderfully.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Day: :)

Meow: Yes, when you see the songs together it's a huge mix. I don't have much now music either. It all sounds the same sometimes. A great weekend to you!

sophie said...

What a lovely way to burn"
Now that is dead-on perfect.


Devil Mood said...

Sophie: Somehow I knew you'd like that ;)