Saturday, August 12, 2006

Too hot, especially if you're furry!

This last week was hell in terms of temperatures: I just couldn't do anything with all the heat. Or maybe it was just an excuse to watch the whole Athletics on Tv. It's been especially nice since I've got a new flat-screen tv...I actually feel like I was in Sweden, watching the athletes.

Sweet: Today I've been indulging in some pain au chocolat, a french pastry with chocolate inside that I've been craving this last week. I've been having some sweet appetites lately, which aren't usual in me. Hmmm, I think I might have to get another bite now.

Boss: This Summer I had a Bruce Springsteen revival. I never paid much attention to him but some of the songs are mythical. I've been listening to the new album and I think that now that I like folk I can enjoy pretty much anything. :)

FCPorto: Still without a coach but winning. Worse than that was the injury of one of our defenders today against Man City. It won't be easy to get a coach, especially because there's no money to hire anyone half-decent.

Song playing at this very moment: "When somebody reaches for your heart, open up and let them through, Cause everybody needs someone around, things can tumble down on you" Shola Ama - You might need somebody.

Reading: "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner, about an overweight young woman and her troubles. So far, so good.


Stephanie said...

A week or so ago it was that hot here. I realized I was without photos for my blog, but I hadn't wanted to take any with it being so flat and hazy out.

I don't listen to much Bruce, my favorite is probably Nebraska. Have you heard that one at all? The songs are very simple and stripped down, but very beautiful.

Cathy said...

Oh, that poor furry kitty; she is so cute but so distressed looking. I'm sorry you are having such a heat wave. It is really cool here; like fall tonight.

I have read a few Jennifer Weiner books and enjoyed them; I haven't read this one, though...let me know if it is good.

Connie and Rob said...

I think the kitty wants in to watch the flat screen TV with That sounds like fun!

Hope you get a break from the heat soon!

Take care,

sophie said...

Of all concerts i have seen
Bruce Sprinsteen is the King
-i think of him as a historian -
not unlike Dylan.

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: I haven't heard that one but will do. Sounds like my thing right now.

Cathy: Fortunately, today the temperatures dropped significantly. Thank God! :) I'm still in the early stages of the book but I'll tell you when I'm done.

Connie: lol, that's probably it!

Sophie: Yesterday, I saw his latest show on tv and he's really energetic! He gives everything on stage.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

WE have had some days like that his summer also. Finally on a little cool down.

Meow said...

Hope you get a cool change sometime soon. I always feel sorry for cats and dogs, when it is hot, but it often doesn't worry them too much ...
Bruce Springsteen rocks ... I have always loved his music.
The chocolate thingy sounds oh-so-yummy !! Enjoy.
Hope you have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Day: It's a lot cooler now! Quite fresh actually, lovely :)

Meow: Well, cats and dogs may suffer but they can't really complain too much. If they were like us, they could be such a pain, always nagging around us lol