Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Childhood Toys

I've been doing some Autumn cleaning over here, especially trying to get rid of tons of junk I kept from my childhood. At that point there was a lot of things I thought I had to keep, but now I'm able to select just the really meaningful things and give the rest away.

One thing I cannot get rid of is this Playmobil boat. It belonged to my cousins and then I inherited it. Everytime I look at it I can still feel the same joy I did when I was little. I love the little details in it: the map, the little kitchen inside...Do you have favourite toys you've kept this far?


Chloe said...

don't give away Playmobils. don't you know they are attached to their owners and turn into ugly Legos when you give them away?
I have kept a couple of teddies and a very ugly fluffy dog who is 300 in human years.

sophie said...

I love Playmobil.
Noahès fave.

I love that boat:)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I do have some dolls packed a way. I should check to make sure the moths haven't gotten to them.

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: lol I can certainly picture them turning into evil toys lol But they're so nice! Oh those fluffy things are so funny when they transform themselves into a blob of colourless fluff :)

Sophie: Me too. I had the best times with my boat and also a castle :)

Day: Take care of your dolls, sometimes it's good to be a kid again!

catarina said...

cá está ele!:) durante aquele tempo todo em que falámos sobre o barco, tive na minha mente a imagem do navio pirata dos playmobil... mas este é mm giro;)

Anonymous said...

I have model horses at my parent's house still. I think that is all. I have lived in very small spaces here in the city, and I guess when they move I'll have to decide what to do with things. Can I just say again that I love this blog design?

fb said...

You have to get some people now!

Sure you might get some funny looks coming home with Playmobil people but you can't have the Mary Celeste now can you?

Devil Mood said...

Catarina: O dos piratas é mais moderno, este parece-me mais retro, é muito eighties! :)

Stephanie: Yes, I understand, I only kept so many things because my mother allowed me until now. You can say it all you want, I'm still saying it to myself! lol

FB: I have Playmobil people kept somewhere, I'm sure. When I find them I'll send them on a lovely boat trip. I didn't know Mary Celeste was an abbandoned ship, but I looked on wikipedia, thanks for allowing me to learn new things :) (it's quite a mysterious story!)

Meow said...

How cute, don't give it away ... keep it, memories are important. I still have my first teddybear, and a couple of wonderful dolls. I won't ever give them away.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give that boat away...it is so cute! I have a lot of stuff still in a shed in the back of my mom's house...whenever I'm home, I go through things, and try to get rid of some stuff. I've gotten from having half the shed to having 6 or 7 boxes. Mostly these are books, but I also have a few other things...the toys that stick in my mind the most are a dollhouse with furniture made for me by my grandfather, and a homemade cloth doll (a tall skinny guy in a pinstripe suit, named Jim). What a great post idea! :-)

Devil Mood said...

Meow: Yes, I agree, it's important to keep precious things like that :)

Kimananda: Oh a doll named Jim, I'd like to see that :) And the house made by your grandfather is definitely precious!