Saturday, September 30, 2006

The knitting project

Being out of things to do for one day made me climb up the walls in stress. It's hard to cope with the absense of projects when you've been working on the same thing for 3 months, when you've been in school for the past 17 years and you're not anymore.
To stop myself from going mental, I've been gathering a bunch of ideas to make myself busy, some of them are quite silly, others might have some value.

Today I started knitting: the photo shows a scarf I'm doing. I hadn't much yarn to make it, so it's tiny and this one will be for me. But I'm thinking of selling these in craft markets. So, would you buy one for 20 euros/dollars? I can't get the price any lower 'cause I'm importing the yarns from England and they aren't cheap. I think people will like them, maybe the next Christmas best-seller ;)


Anonymous said...

I'd buy one, if I wasn't spending all my money on my China travel habit (and going home to see my Mom twice in the next six months is also denting the budget slightly) looks great...a cool assortment of colors and textures. Oh, and the pull tab works in Firefox. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh - this is cool. Both the knitting, and the new template :)

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: I'm glad firefox is template friendly. I was only trying to understand if the price is right, I don't want to sell over the Internet and not to my friends, obviously :)

Stephanie: Thanks! I'm glad you like them.

Chloe said...

i m crazy about this template! it's one of the best i've ever seen. xxxx

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Wow your new pad had me double checking!
knitting is something I just can't get into, but it looks fun!

Meow said...

Ooooh, I love the new template, and the pull down thingy is cute ... what a great idea !!
The scarf is beautiful ... I for sure would buy one for the price you suggest.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: I'm crazy about it too, I just couldn't resist it, no matter how many people get one just like mine...:)

Day: Yes, I can't put a title on this template. But it's me! Knitting takes some patience, sometimes it gets on my nerves lol

Meow: Oh thanks :) But luckily you don't need scarfs now in Australia - Spring is probably smiling over there right now! :)