Friday, September 29, 2006

New Life, New Template!

The long awaited change in my template is finally here. I really like this one!
It might be a while until I get used to it, but I think it's cute.
You can pull that little rope up there and get the equivalent to the right-side bar in my previous template. I'm still making adjustments, but I'm loving it :)

The comments section is in the corner of the post title, in case you're wondering ;)


Anonymous said...

This is a great new look! I'm intrigued by the 'pull' doesn't seem to like Safari, though (or is that the other way around), so I'm off to try it in Firefox...see you soon!

Christopher said...

Very, very cool!

Good job!

Quz Boss said...

Yes, very nice temp =] its cute.
MuCh LuV <3

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: Thanks! I hope it worked out with Firefox. But it might be something to do with the actual pulling: you don't have to drag the mouse, just click it. It's silly :P

Chris: I'm quite pleased myself, thanks!

Quz Boss: Thanks, and thanks for dropping by :)

Cathy said...

Your blog looks great!

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Cathy! I found this site thanks to your blog makeover :)

Scholiast said...

I only go away (or stay in, as it were) for a short time - and there you have changed the whole thing! It looks fantastic! :)