Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Blog Chart

What the public wants, the public gets. I want to tell you more about Astrology, starting with the basics, so I decided to use the natal chart of this blog to illustrate what I'm saying. The trouble is I don't know exactly at what time I created the blog (is there a way of knowing that?), so I'll have to use the moment when I made my first post.

A natal chart is a representation of the sky at the moment of someone/something's birth. So when you look at the chart you can see where the planets were located in the constelations (the constelations being the solar signs) - obviously the Sun is located in the sign that you commonly know as your Sun sign. In terms of Sun this blog seems to adjust well since it was born a Gemini, which is the sign of communication, technologies and media. It couldn't ask for anything more appropriate.

Adding to that, the charts include a series of 12 houses, each corresponding to an area of your life. What defines the order of your houses and where they start is your Ascendant - the ascendant represents the sign that is rising in the sky at East on the time of your birth. It is what's visible to you when you're born, so to speak...In theory the Ascendant represents the first impression we make on people, including our physical appearance and the social strategies we present to others, our defenses and also our expectations of the world. With a Capricorn Ascendant (even considering that if this blog was created before the first post, the Ascendant is probably different) this blog could be seen by others as a little serious, austere, maybe competent and responsible, if one can see that in a blog. Its appearance would also be quite simple, businesslike, austere - black is the colour of Capricorn so it doesn't surprise me that I've used the black template for so long. The blog could also have some negative expectations about the future so it might appear cautious, controlled, serious...Hmmm...what do you think? This is my first time doing a chart of a "thing" - it's really strange.


Scholiast said...

It seems to go quite well with the blog, actually. Bizarre... I'm a little sceptical still - I've got a friend who's really into this, and about half of what she tells me about Scorpio (= me) is true, and the other half doesn't fit at all.. Looking forward to some more explaining :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the "chart of a thing" :) Is there a web site which does this? I'd like to do both my own birth chart, and my blog's. My blog is a apparently a Leo.

Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: Even if you are Scorpio, you probably aren't 100%, so it's natural that some of the things don't match. I'll keep the lessons up then :)

Stephanie: hehe Yes, go to - you can get all sorts of horoscopes there :) Leo's all about fabulousness!

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense to do the chart from the first's sort of like the first breath, which is where the birth chart is normally done from, no? Anything sooner would be like charting from the moment of conception, and how often do we know that for sure anyway?

fb said...

It looks very impressive!

And if you do get art materials I'd love to see what happens!

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: That's a perfect way of putting it - you're so right, thank you! :)

FB: I'm not very "arty" to be honest. I was trying to do some jewelry today but it was a mess. :( I'll leave that to the experts!

Cathy said...

My mother doesn't remember the time of my birth and it is not on my birth certificate. What to do?....

Devil Mood said...

Oh Cathy, that sucks! She must have an approximated time though...doesn't she? You can make a chart with an estimated time of birth and then check if it seems accurate. The positions of the planets in the signs don't change much during a day, so you can see that even without the birth time.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

my friend is always saying stuff like the moon is entering this ... and the stars are ... and the planet is ... and that is only going to cause...

Devil Mood said...

Day: Hey, you're back! I think I'm turning into one of those least for now. I think it's just a phase...hehe

Anonymous said...

So, it turns out my blog has a much more interesting chart than I do. Personally, I am a huge pile-up of nearly EVERYTHING in Libra :S

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: lol I think all charts are interesting, but I understand it gets a bit frustrating when the planets are all in the same houses. But it's great that you have all of that in Libra, that's why I like you so much! :)

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