Monday, November 20, 2006

Nov 21 - No Music Day

Tomorrow I'll be "celebrating" the No-Music Day. It'll be a pain for me but it's for a good cause. People have created this day so we can all appreciate music more. If you look around you music is everywhere: it's in every media (well, newspapers don't play music but some offer CDs), it's in mobiles, gadgets, iPods...etc, it's in every store you go into, it's in your car, it's there when you get home, it's in's always there, like a surround noise...and it's not even music anymore, it's just a sound when people can't face the silence, it's noise and it isn't appreciated like it used to be.
This is why tomorrow I will try my best no to listen to any music at all, so that on Wednesday I'll be in desperate need of music and hopefully it'll be even more special. It's like abstinence when you think about it...musical abstinence. I'll be having a really boring day


Scholiast said...

Yeah, right.. Sorry, no can do.. I feel I do in fact appreciate music, so I'll keep listening all the same, thank you very much ;)

Devil Mood said...

lol I understand. Meanwhile I'm having the most boring day of my life ...
Good thing I always having a song in my head!