Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stuff it

Stuff the no-music day!!!
I was having the lousiest, grumpiest, most boring day without music - I needed it even more than before and had already cheated twice by listening to a couple of songs...(it's hard!!)...but then my dearest friend C sent me the new Beatles' album through the mail and ... ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, PEOPLE :)
Oh I was so happy I cried...Mainly because she included in the CD-cover many of our Beatles-moments of the last 5 years. And we had plenty, mostly great ones :)
So this no-music day turned out to be THE music day and I suppose the purpose of the day was maintained because I truly enjoyed every song that I listened to...The Cd is great!


sophie said...

Chloe has style.

Chloe has moxie.

Just like you:)

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: She definitely does but it wasn't Chloe, it was my friend Cat :) But thanks, I like to think that I have moxie ;)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I day with out music... how horrible!

Anonymous said...

I actually managed it yesterday...except for the musicians in the metro. I noticed that my brain kept singing songs to me (Kate Bush's The Fog was a big hit in my head, for some reason), too.

It was good in the sense that it brought home that fact that, when I don't have the iPod on, for example on the train, then I can get a lot of really good reading done. So, I actually got a good start on a book I've been meaning to start for ages, so that today, I chose to continue the book (Michel Foucault's The Order of Things, which requires a bit of focus) over hearing music.

Devil Mood said...

Day: It can be very difficult!

Kimananda: I thought I was the only one trying...I'm glad you found it useful, I have a hard time reading in public places, can't concentrate...especially reading Foucault!! My head kept singing songs too :)

fb said...

I kinda haven't had much to post about recently!

Liverpool won but injured 3 players!

Top of the Group if only the Premiership were so easy!

So what happens to Porto now in CL?

Christopher said...

I didn't abide by the no music day thing. i brought the new Cortney Tidwell record. Sweet.

Devil Mood said...

FB: Liverpool's group was easy-peasy ;P In the Premiership you need a lot of consistency, it's tough. I think Porto will go through, we only need a tie...but we're playing really well now.

Chris: Yeah, do your own thing! I agree...