Wednesday, December 20, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me

ahahha Meow tagged me and I have to say she made the right choice since I'm the Queen of weirdness. Now I just have to try to choose the weirdest things about me that won't shock you too much lol.
I also have to tag 6 bloggers...ah...I'm going to ignore the rules and not tag anyone. You're tagged if you want.

Weird thing no.1:
I'm so weird I can't even tell what's weird and what's
No, seriously. Ok. I'm very clumsy and usually entertain people around me whenever I have to peel off fruit. More often then not the piece of fruit always slips from my fingers and ends up in a plate full of sauce or...the floor. Also whenever I do things very abruptly, they end up falling or breaking or flying of my hands. It's very amusing.

Weird thing no.2:
I have very sensitive body extremities: except in the summer, my hands and feet are always cold. I have to force myself to run around or work out when it gets really uncomfortable. Also my nose is very sensitive to temperature and it gets red when I move between different temperatures. It's very embarrassing sometimes.

Weird thing no.3:
I can't swim!! This is awful. It's not exactly weird but people find it odd because this is a very coastal country and most people know how to swim or pretend to. I don't pretend so I just make a fool of myself. lol

Weird thing no.4:
Most of my internal dialogues (inside my head) are in English. I blame it on the Internet, but also Tv, can I resist thinking in English?

Weird thing no. 5:
Boy, this never ends! I have a little bit of my ear missing, like it was bitten. People only notice it when they're really close. But I wasn't bitten, I was born this way.

Weird thing no. 6:
I don't like any sort of food that comes in shells. It's just not attractive to me and I'm about the only person I know that doesn't eat them in the Summer. So no oysters for me, Sir.

YOU are TAGGED (if you have enough patience)...


Anonymous said...

How funny to have your internal dialogues in English...I didn't realize how much my internal dialogues were not in English until I moved to Denmark, and they switched to English again. It seems like a loss of face to have internal dialogues in English for me now, but my Danish isn't up for it yet.

I'd take this tag, btw, but how can one tell what is weird and what isn't? It almost requires asking friends and family, 'o.k., what is weird about me?'

Devil Mood said...

I think that for some people internal dialogues aren't in any specific language - my father, for instance, thought I was mental when I said this - I think his internal dialogues are mathematical and not verbal.
I guess you have to choose things that people have already told you that are weird, things that people usually notice about you. But, yes, it's hard to distinguish.

holychaos said...

that is interesting what you just wrote about your father. one summer i was taking accounting and a math class and i swear , my dreams were about math and the way i thought was different.... mathmatical, more logical...(i need more if that)

i do not think you are weird.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I don't eat anything that lives in a shell either, nor anything that swims !!!
I don't think you're weird.
Thanks for doing the meme.
Take care, and merry Christmas .... hugs, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: I guess most of us aren't really weird even if we think we are. Interesting that Mathematics helped to make your thoughts more logical - I need that too :)

Meow: lol you're welcome! Merry Christmas :)

diyadear said...

hey when i read this post about weird thigs, i realize im similar in some ways too. my hands n feet r the coldest always n i too dont know swimmng :-( Also the striking similarity is i know im weird but dont now wat it is.. ur blog helped me find some :)

Devil Mood said...

Diyadear: I only noticed your comment now, sorry. hmm it's good to have things in common, especially weird things ;)