Monday, December 18, 2006

Once I had a Summer love. Summer always seemed to be a perfect generator of crushes but most of them weren't even serious enough to be considered Summer loves...even if these aren't usually labelled as serious.
But this one was THE summer love. It was all about summer, and sun, and tanned skin, and watching bad re-runs of Superman and going out to drink Coca-Cola and listening to Prodigy's Fat of the Land. The smell of summer. The look of love. And feeling frustrated for having left all my good clothes back home and having to do with the ones I had taken (lol).
I was fourteen. I still feel like fourteen and it's hard to believe that it was such a long time ago. It's funny to think that this love wouldn't have bloomed in the winter, it didn't make much sense detached from the Summer. The proof of that is that two or three summers afterwards it made sense again, but only in that certain summer context.
And probably the only reason I'm writing about this today (right in the peak of winter!) is because the radio played Aerosmith's "Don't wanna miss a thing" - don't blame me, it was that summer's big hit! I blame it on this online radio that only plays 90s music - it's my biggest find of the year (


Cathy said...

I had two of this kind....and I am still in touch with both of them. Imagine!

--Sunrise-- said...

WOW! Talk about getting me into the Christmas mood - not that I need to... I have been high on 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' since freaking OCTOBER!! Sigh... LOVE that movie, what a cute dude!

--Sunrise-- said...

read one of your archives... I LOVE Neither Here Nor There... ahh now you make me want to start reading again! :(

and hey, i love the layout of your blog - tres cool!

holychaos said...

previous loves.... great memories... gosh, i wish i looked like i did back then!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I had a summer love...once...and in the end, I moved to his place in Denmark. Ah, those were the days! ;-) But really, I never had a summer love. It seems like one of those things that everyone should try once.

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: Summer must agree with you! What effect would a mediterranean summer of 4 months have on you? :) That's very unusual but great!

Sunrise: Thanks for dropping by! I see you have great taste (that book is hilarious!) and I sense that you are as emotional as me when it comes to things I like (it means I REALLY like them :)

Holychaos: I think you'll find that your summer loves don't look as good as they did back them either...unless they're George Clooney...or maybe other men like that (damn! men age so much better!!)

Kim: oh :) Maybe other seasons work better for you, I think Autumn loves are more consistent!

Anonymous said...

I don't particularly like the holidays, but I've gotten all nostalgic this year too.

I've given a closer listen to some songs now that I've found out the songwriter grew up near me and I've been enjoying the (okay, rather bleak) musical pictures of familiar sorts of places.

Hmmmm...maybe I remember rainy days and winter loves?

fb said...

It was their 60th! Anniversary!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I can still remember the the first guy I feel in love with. I still think about him sometimes.

Meow said...

Ah, Summer Loving ... reminds me of the movie Grease !!!
It's such a shame that summer loves usually never progress past summer.
What lovely memories.
Oh, hope you don't mind, I've tagged you. Hope you haven't done this one before. Sorry if you have.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: Winter loves are more appropriate right now. It's funny when you realize that the inspiration to songs was drawn from places and objects that were so close to you. Makes you think!

FB: Wow! Congratulations to them, what an achievement!

Day: I'm glad you do, I think it's good for you. The past is past but it still colours our present.

Meow: Yeah, that expression reminds me of Grease too. Ok, I'll check out the tag and see what I can do :)

sophie said...

that was completely lovely and
evocative and blooming beautiful
as a summer love should be:)

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: I had a feeling you'd like this one :)

Anonymous said...

Ah I love it, I fell in love with a young man from Merida when I was 17 and away from home on an exchange. I can still remember what I wore when we first met, and the way he smiled. He promised to write, told me he loved me and smelled of suntan lotion and the ocean.
Whenever I am at the beach, there is always a little nostalgia for him.

Thank you for this...

Devil Mood said...

LadyMiss: Thank YOU for sharing - those are some lovely memories! :)