Friday, February 23, 2007


I got pressies!
My darling Sophie sent me this lovely array of things quite a while ago, but it only got here yesterday. I wonder what kind of bumpy ride the package had through the Atlantic. If it talked, it might have adventures to tell me, but it doesn't.
What matters now is that I can enjoy it. Look at that notebook, isn't it lovely? When I have beautiful notebooks I'm always shy to start writing in them because I think it has to be something really special and something that will have some development. I hate starting something and then giving up in the first pages, it ruins the notebook. I know, this is starting to sound crazy...
Anyway, it's always special to get something from the other side of the world, knowing that it was made thinking of you, even though we've never met, but we have met in many ways through all of these months, reading each others' posts. At first, I thought these packages and physical things made things more objective, a living proof that these online relationships exist. But not anymore. I don't need the letters, the objects, the envelopes to tell me that it's real - the online words and images and messages have become real enough.


Sophie said...

ohhhhhhhhh - i had given up -
i was so sad this package didn't make it as that little bird ornament was so pretty and it's made by an artist -
(I have one too)

I am thrilled it finally arrived -
and I am so happy you like the little gifts.

But most of all i am thrilled to have you in my life as a cherished friend -

you have been there from my very first blog - in love, broken heart,
creating life anew...

and i am grateful to you!


[eric] said...

Smiley faces, tangible and intangible...

dharmabum said...

"the online words and images and messages have become real enough."

a year back i wud've thought thats bull. but when i see a comment like "your post made me happy" or " your comment made my day", i am beginning to wonder how we are able to touch each other in funny ways thru this medium.

funny thing is, i NEVER write on new notebooks for a long time, coz i jus want them to remain new...i keep looking at em until one day, i decide enough is enough and then, its ok to write whatever!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I bet she feels the same way... it shows.

It would be something to here of it's adventure wouldn't it?

Chloe said...

beautiful things are forever. i know it sounds like a hello kitty motto, but i believe in beauty as a force.
Sophie is beautiful and so are you.

Sophie said...

There is a lovely girl that comments on my blog -
"simple me"
and she lives in Portugal and takes gorgeous photos and makes
clothes and designs ceramics -
there is something about her that
reminds me of of the poetry in you -
check out her blog and Flickr pix!

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: Hugs back to you! I'm really happy it didn't get lost, it would be such a shame. I love the little bird and I'm thrilled it was made by an artist in Vancouver - because today more and more everything is 'made in china'. I've been to Simple Me's blog and she's really poetic and her pictures are terrific. It's so funny that she writes in english as well!

Eric: Both of them really special!

Dharmabum: This blog has been part of my life for a while now and the people you get to know grow on you, just like people you meet face to face (I've actually made a paper for college on that subject, you can see it in previous posts). But I guess you know that too, I don't have to tell you.
I've been enjoying just looking at the notebook and touching the paper :)

Day: I may have to write about that - the adventures of the package from Canada :)

Chloe: Welcome back!! Thanks ;) That's a very Venusian idea (I guess that's what you call things from Venus - beauty is forever). Great :)

holy chaos said...

how sweet and what a nice surprise!

i have a whole shopping bag of journals that i picked out for my children to write in them to give back to them when they are grow.

Devil Mood said...

Natalie: I think that's a brilliant idea!

Novel Nymph said...

Beautiful stuff as lovely as the giver and the receiver...

...I agree with you, you and Sophie and so many others are such good friends, it does not matter that I have not physically touched any of you.

Devil Mood said...

Novel Nymph: Exactly :) And thanks for the compliment.

Ps said...

wow!! So beautiful.I love such notebooks.I have a couple.I use them for poetry--or make it full of handwritten and handpainted stuff and gift them to good friends.

Devil Mood said...

Preeti: That's such a terrific idea - that's my dream-gift...a notebook that is already written by someone poetic. Or finding a notebook lost in the street, a journal :)