Thursday, March 22, 2007


No sé tú
Pero yo te busco en cada amanecer
Mis deseos no los puedo contener
En las noches, cuando duermo
Si de insomnio, yo me enfermo
Me haces falta, mucha falta
No sé tú


dharmabum said...

beautiful muffler(is that what its called?) devil! but why did u hide the face? :(

Sophie said...

i seriously love scarves - i just adore them to bits!

I have such beautiful shawls and scarves and
wear them all the time!

I love that photo of YOU? in the cute scarf
cross armed...


Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: I call it scarf but you know much more english than I do, so call it whatever you think it's best. I thought my arms were enough for today. haha

Sophie: Me too, I don't have any more drawers to keep them! Yes, my friend took my photo while we were at the cafe. I thought it was funny.

holy chaos said...

i love your sweater and scarf!

Niall said...

These two photos remind me of meeting a friend..going for a coffee and a chat..the cold and stark winter..the warm and cosy friendship..good photos!