Thursday, March 08, 2007

Let's go for a walk

Okay, so walking around the town with the camera in hand is now my official hobby. That impressive bulding up there is our main Cathedral. It was built from the 12th to the 13th century - it's old stuff!

This is a typical tavern. Usually the greasier they look, the better you eat inside. This one is more greasy on the outside, inside it's looking good.

If you want to buy Our Lady of Fatima's statues and all kinds of religious items, this is place to go.

The buildings in the far end are already in the other side of the river, in Gaia. Kimananda, I was a few steps closer to Ribeira yesterday, but still didn't make it.
Too many cars for my taste.

I apologize for the complete lack of focus on the camera, it was my fault. ;) But, as you can see, dark narrow streets are very typical as well.

Some colours. And I wonder if anyone lives there. Many of these buildings are abandoned.

Near the train station.

It was really cold yesterday. Today is complete and pure Spring.

The old meets the new. The graffitti meet...the colourless walls.

I wonder who this guy is. Oh my God, it's Infante Dom Henrique. He's a major personality of portuguese history. He planned and commanded all the expeditions that led to the discovery of the New Worlds. He was born in Porto - how could he not? He's pointing at the horizon, as if to say, "go and get them"!


kimananda said...

Oh, major saudades...but in a good way. I realized last July how much I'd love to be back in Portugal. Keep the reminders coming. :-)

Yuva said...

have you tried flickr for photo collection/album ??

btw -thanx for dropping by and posting your comments. hope to find u often..


Cathy said...

Thanks for posting the photos! It is really nice to see what it looks like in your city; very different from Halifax; the facades of the buildings are so old and the shops look beautiful.
There seems to be quite a bit of graffiti; this isn't very common here. Or am I just seeing things perhaps?..

Vesper said...

i love all the photos you posted, but my favourite is the first one....the bird is beautiful, as is the way the light falls on the building.

dharmabum said...

so did u? go and get them? :)

porto seems charming, as always. i especially like the tavern. u seem to have developed a nice hobby. *sigh* tell me, do u get paid for it? ;o)

Ps said...

You tae good pictures.Really felt like a walk around Porto.
If the buildings are abandones, wonder why no one is doing anything about it.Seems a shame to waste space.

Sophie said...

i love your documentary style
photos and the second one is
charming -

i am going to steal this idea!



Devil Mood said...

Kim: I will and I'll also keep my fingers crossed so we share the same city someday soon ;)

Yuva: Thanks, I know Flickr but I'm satisfied with just blogging, it's hard enough ;)

Cathy: I'm the one that doesn't see them because I'm already used to it. It's true, there's graffiti everywhere and they're hideous. Reflection of troubled youths, I suppose.

Vesper: Thanks, I'll have more like that on my next post. I've saved the best for last,I guess ;)

Dharmabum: Unless you start giving me some monetary rewards for my tours, I don't think anyone will pay me ;) hahah But it's a nice hobby.

PS: That's a situation that is starting to change, but for a while it wasn't fashionable to live downtown. Gradually young people are starting to move there, but it's a slow process, there's a lot to be done.

Sophie: I didn't realize there was an idea here, it's just a bundle of photos ;) But go ahead!

dharmabum said...

it certainly is a wonderful thing to do, devil. and if one find the joy in the process, rather than merely by the results, then any such thing would be worth doing!

Devil Mood said...

DB: You're right! :)

Niall said...

I love the shop are taking some seriously inspirational pictures here young lady!

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Niall! If they're inspirational to you, then I'm even happier :)