Sunday, March 18, 2007

my favourite mug

...for tea.
Tea moments are precious. Even with the highest temperatures of Summer, I cannot do without hot tea. It's not totally insane, since people in the deserts drink mint tea as a refreshment.
I'm having a tea moment right now. Lotus tea.


kimananda said...

Lotus tea sounds wonderful and relaxing. I wonder what would be the best music to accompany lotus tea...any suggestions?

holy chaos said...

hmm, i have never heard of lotus tea. what does it taste like?

your mug is cute, I love drinking coffee in the morning out of my fav mug...gets me up

Devil Mood said...

Kim: It's not that great, to be honest LOL I prefer Jasmine. Music...relaxing - I'm listening to Ive Mendes right now, she's a brazilian singer, the latest in Bossa Nova. Very good :)

Holychaos: I tastes of...tea and lotus. I don't know how to explain, it's not very peculiar but it doesn't resemble anything else..

holy chaos said...

lol :)

Greeneyes said...

lovely site ,, great pictures ,hope you re having a wonderful day with lots and lots of tea breaks
take care

Niall said...

I love my coffee..but cannot start my day without tea. A few years ago I did a sponsored tea drink to raise money for comic a twelve hour period,guess how many cups..?

By the way..Jasmin..Rose Pouchong..Earl Grey..wonderful!!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I drink alot of tea. I'm having a bad case of heart burn, I think I'll go drink some pepermint tea.

Oh and ask me questions anytime.

Miss Iyer said...

oh, absolutely agree with u! Me neither. I can't imagine getting my day started without my cup of tea in the mornings!

dharmabum said...

i drink about a dozen cuppas everyday. someday, mebbe we'll meet over chai? :)

Ps said...

i NEED my tea in the afternoons--ANd my coffee in the mornings.Whether lotus, or jasmine or a chipped mug--as long as I get it I'm okay :-)

Nice mug picture.

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: impossible to explain any better!

Greeneyes: Thanks for visiting, glad you liked it.

Niall: In Twelve hours, I guess a lot of teas! I love coffee too and I love Earl Grey :)

Day: Humm peppermint, I love that too! Get better!

Miss Iyer: It's good to have an healthy addiction, if these two words can be put together :)

Dharmabum: Not mebbe, definitely ;)

PS: Every hour has its own ritual, that's nice!

Niall said...

...and the answer is:...72 cups in 12 hours!!!OK so they were all fruit/herbal teas...and it was a very dainty SMALL cup.I raised lots of money and spent a lot of time in the toilet!

Devil Mood said...

OH MY GOD! You drank 72 cups of tea? I hope you took some salts in the middle, all that water could've drowned you!

lady miss marquise said...

Oh wow, Lotus Tea. Sounds amazing and refreshing and invigorating!

Vesper said...

jeg liker te ogsa!


snakker du norsk????

lovely mug, dear. i can picture you drinking earl grey from that.

Devil Mood said...

LadyMiss: It's not as healthy as yoga but it's okay :)

Vesper: lol what are you talking? Is it norwegian?

Vesper said...

yes, it's norwegian. i said:

i like tea also.

do you speak norwegian?


Devil Mood said...

No, unfortunately I don't :(
I think scandinavian languages are sexy though...But I'm more fluent on the latin ones.