Monday, April 23, 2007

Book Day

According to UNESCO today's the World Book and Copyright Day - YaaaaY!

Probably a good occasion to tell you about this book I'm reading. It has a very suggestive title - "Sleep with me" and it involves a love triangle. I have a thing about love triangles. I don't know what it is - probably because they're messy and troubled and always end up causing problems for everyone. These sort of events are great for inducing all sorts of emotions and actions in the subjects involved - probably the reason why there's almost always a love triangle in everything I write. It's easier to write about conflict than bliss, at least for me.

Well, but this book gave me another answer to those questions I raised on my post Superstition - here's what one of the characters said:
The acceptance of good fortune is an almost impossible feat for a standard
neurotic like me.

Ah-ha! So it's not just the Catholicism...I'm loving this book. It has so many ideas that seem to have come out of my pen, even more than anything else I'm able to write at the moment. Some passages have left me in awe.
Look at how beautiful this is:
She is beautiful, yet she knows it only in fragments perceived obliquely, because her beauty needed to grow beyond spectacles and overworn clothes, beyond the chunky little girl my viola-curved love once was. [Joanna Briscoe]

This made me wonder what other people would say about me if I was a character in a book. I don't really know what kind of impression I leave on people - the trouble is when you think you know and when you think it's not that great...- we always interpret things people say with our own lenses, when we feel guilty we think they're angry at us, when we feel low we think they're against us or they perceive us as losers...

I went for a promenade today. Sat down by the river with me friend eating ice cream and having chats no one could ever overhear without admitting us to a psychiatric hospital. We watched pigeons trying to mate. We saw a local celebrity. And then we went home, eat little breads with strawberry jam and listen to the Beach Boys. The bad bit: I didn't take my camera with me and missed a lot of great shots.


kimananda said...

I think it's a kind of Murphy's law...the best shots always appear to those without cameras! But I like the shot that is in this post anyway...makes me, as always, just a bit homesick for Portugal. In a good way.

Niall said...

You may not have taken your camera, but your words are picture enough..(especially as far as the pigeons are concerned!!) I had a recommendation from 'Amazon' for the book 'Sleep with me' sounds beautiful, and challenging. I saw it in my local charity shop for a paultry sum and didn't buy it..will do so next time.You present a very interesting face DM!..

Anonymous said...

That always happens to me. I go for a walk and I think I wish I had my camera. Then I take my camera and I never see anything worth snapping.

Cathy said...

Book Day!
I can't believe I missed it.
I forgot tot ake my camera with me to the park on the weekend and also missed great shots.
I absolutely love your photo on this post, though...I really do think that I will come and visit. Do you have a spare bed (or a spot on the floor?)
I will come without husband and kids...

Ps said...

'Sleep with me' sounds just my kind of book(depsite the suggestive title)!LOL..
Wonderful photo.

MAHIMA said...

devil mood!
your blog and your thoughts are every interesting!!
just had to come in here and say this despite the tearing hurry- i'm late for the wedding lunch!!! lol.

Endevourme said...

husshhh...took so much time to find the comments part !
nice pics u take hehe
didnt read tho :D

holy chaos said...

very interesting thoughts on superstition.

i still have the book "Fall on your Knees" i really am trying to find time to read it!

it sounds liek you had a wonderful day!

[eric] said...

Hey! Happy World Book and Copyright Day!!

I wish someone would invent an eyeball camera, that way there would be no shot left untaken. Often times it's difficult to translate the same sight in a camera than from the naked eye anyway.

Devil Mood said...

Kim: I agree, scientists should focus on that - maybe write a Tristino of their own ;)

Niall: hehe thanks Niall. I'm still enjoying the book, but there's always the possibility that I won't like the rest. The critiques say it's a little creepy.

Day: hehe I know what you mean. I try to take the camera most of the time, just in case...

Ooh Cathy is on the loose ;) I don't have a bed but I have a little matress. I wish I had a guest house though, that would be much more comfortable :) I think it's a great idea!

PS: I'm really enjoying it, it speaks to me, it screams and whispers to me ;)

Mahima: Oh girl, you're a hurricane! thanks !

Endevourme: It can be a little tricky, you just have to click everywhere! lol

Holychaos: That thing on superstition also reminded me of what you said the other day about money, the guilt. That will be my next book, I have it here on my shelf!

Eric: You're absolutely right! Cameras are not eyes, our eyes are so complex. But that's a very good idea, I want one of those eye-cameras :)

fb said...

Wasn't the best game in the world...and Reina and Cech made some great saves but Zenden has no place playing 90 mins...

Why Benitez doesn't play Gerrard and alonso through the middle is a mystery...I would have at least started Pennant on the left instead of Zenden ans Crouch instead of Bellamy.

MAHIMA said...

back :)
i'm moving to a wordpress blog (As soon as i get the time to fully customize it- which may be anything between a few days to a year. lol)because blogger's bugging me. lol.
anyway, you can visit the messy, incomplete construction site at
i've left you an interesting and possibly shocking reply on one of my posts over at watermark. lol. have a look. its on the post about the wedding, i think.

Stephanie said...

I've been listening to a public radio show called "This American Life" on my commute to and from work. Your comment about wondering what kind of impression you leave reminds me of a story in a recent episode where a writer set out to find out exactly what people though of him, and the results were not exactly what he thought they'd be.

I've never met you in person, but you leave an excellent impression here in blog-land. I think I've "known" you for more than a year now here :) (It's just to early in the morning here to count.)

Devil Mood said...

Mahima: Got it :)

Stephanie: Thanks, girl! It's been over a year, I think. In June my blog will be two years old, the little child ;) I think other people's impressions of us will never be like we imagine, and I think that's a good thing!