Saturday, April 21, 2007

Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Sade)

It was about time I posted the video that gives the title to my blog, wasn't it? I'm posting it and hoping it will help you relax this weekend.

I love this song, it obviously goes without saying. I think it "screams" Africa, I love the drums on the background and the exotic sounds. Before seeing this video I imagined it in the middle of a savannah, but seeing the sea is good too.

This song was released in 1988, it's been 19 years and I draw two conclusions from this fact:
a) If 1988 was 19 years ago...I'm OLD!!
b) It is a completely timeless song, as all the other Sade's songs.
I wish she'd release a new album, it's been too long since Lovers' Rock. Still, I know that when she does, it will be a great album because she's the definition of quality.

Perfect day to listen to Sade today: sunny, calm, lazy Saturday. There's something strange though...all through this week the days have started sunny and gradually turned cloudy and stormy. Out of nowhere it has started to thunder outside....
I started reading a great book today. Will probably tell you more about it later.

I'll dedicate this video to you all because you've been so great! You are a bunch of amazing people and I love picking your brains and sending you e-mails about philosophical things. I think you'll agree with me on the fact that love is stronger than pride :)


fb said...

Villa is a striker and Quaresma's name has been brought up many times by the fans on Liverpool websites since Mr Benitez will have a fair bit of transfer money this summer...would much rather see Quaresma than Simao in a Liverpool shirt!

StandbyMind said...

Well the video and this song is really cool...
I am really curious about this philosphy. I would like to think that Love is indeed stronger than Pride..but I havent really experienced it...May be thats Y I c pride above all...
I am open to the idea though..:)

(and yeah that Song helps man...)

Maddie said...

I love her velvet voice - and yes she needs to
put out a new album!


Devil Mood said...

FB: Well, then you are a smart boy ;) You don't know how lucky you are to support a club with money to spend, instead of seeing all the players you love being snatched by bigger clubs. I think Simão will stay in Benfica until he's old and toothless, but somehow I don't see Quaresma playing in England. He's a little too full of himself to accept the fact that he won't be the biggest star over there...hmmm...

Standbymind: Maybe it's only a truth for some, while others prefer pride. I think what she's trying to say is that, even though she's been hurt, she's still waiting for the man and still loves him "I can't hate you, though I have tried..." Some might think that's foolish!

Maddie: I love this woman but she doesn't have your fabulous hair ;)

dharmabum said...

love is stronger than anything else. love can move mountains.

we love u too, devil. and oh, whats with the philosophical mails? coz i love philosophy.

Ps said...

Lovely DM, just Lovely.(as most of the videos you post are)
This is the first time I'm seeing it.
I do agree--"Love is stronger than ride"
And hey, if 19 is old, then it makes me ANCIENT! (i kond of like being ancinet though!):-)

Niall said...

Not my favourite music (as you know I prefer 'Dad Rock')But she has a fantastic reputation. Do you know of Basia? She used to sing in 'Matt Bianco'(middle 1980's band) then went on to have a solo career...I love her voice.

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: They aren't really philosophical as we read on philosophy books, but more questions that come up in my mind and that I sometimes try to "provoke" in other people. :) Oh thank u! :)

PS: hehe were you in a hurry when you made the comment? I understand! Glad you liked it and there are many pros in being ancient!

Niall: I don't know Basia but I must!!

MAHIMA said...

thanks for this song. i love sade tooo!!!
and yes, love is stronger than pride.
just yesterday i wrote in my journal:
today i swallowed my pride for love. i'm glad i did.

simple me said...

Oh Yes! Sade...
How come I didn't think the name came from here, although I though that I had heard it before :)
I also love this song and I have the album, I even think I have it on vinyl (ah! I'm an old gal).
See I'm also writing in English I suppose it is easy somehow when it comes to blogging.

simple me said...

...It is interesting that you imagined this taking place in the savanna as I've always associated it to jazz night clubs in London...maybe because I was living in London at that time :)

Devil Mood said...

Mahima: I'm glad you did too :)

Simple Me: I like your profile pic. The rest was in my e-mail ;)