Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Okay, I've got a question for you.
Imagine you were reading a magazine or a newspaper. It can be a general newspaper, a woman's magazine, a scientific magazine, whatever you want. Imagine there are articles or columns written by a psychologist there. What kind of issues/themes/subjects would you like the articles to address? And I mean ...anything!


Anonymous said...

first let me say you my dear lady do not think like a 20 year old.

Lately I would like to know why the body excepts turning 40 like a pile of bricks falling on oneself?

dharmabum said...

crime. especially the most heinous offenses such as rape and child molestation. i've always felt, and strongly at that, that such people ought to be killed and done with. but then they tell me such people are sick, and need treatment and rehabilitation and other such things.

Scholiast said...

I doubt I would ever stop to read a column like that, I always pass them by... Not that there aren't subjects I'd like to read! Now, let me see. Right now, I'd have liked the following explained to me:

- why / how people (like me...) can be emotionally upset by the wellbeing / success of a blogling or a football team (players) they've never even met?

and on a slightly darker note:

- is it allowed or even normal to feel differently about your own kids...?

I would like to know about these things, I really would. But I don't know how or what I could be persuaded to read such an article in the first place...

Chloe said...

if it was a magazine - newspaper i'd expect to read whatever there was to read in a more light hearted way, than say, if i was reading a book. So i wouldn't mind the topic, as long as it was written for a magazine- newspaper readership. Having said that, my favourite topics are those that have to do with society's prejudices.

Steve Awesome said...

i find social issues most interesting. Just small pointless things we do that never seem to get analysed but that we know are ridiculous.

How we learn how to interact in society despite the depth and difference of nuances for each social group with it's many gestures and common responses. How these things even started in the first place.

Niall said...

As an Artist, i'd like the kind of article that presents a series of paintings and asks you to pick your favourite..it then goes on to tell you that the choice you have made obviously means you have a superior intelect.

Also..how to interpret blog comments...for example.."Interesting subtext here..I have written something similar"..which means.."You are a bore and the only reason I'm commenting is to get you to visit my blog and bump up my statistics" ..

Good post DM...you've got me thinking.

Devil Mood said...

Hi everyone!
I really appreciate your ideas and views on this subject. You gave me a lot to think about!
Thank you!

MAHIMA said...

you're a psychologist?
just curious.:)

that aside, some of what i would read if i saw it in that column are:

1. body language cues. they are always interesting.
2.emotional quotient, what it means, why its important...
3.quirks and what they say aboutpeople: like leg shaking. or constant nodding. or repeating you name over and over when they speak to you. etc.
4. pretty much anything a psychologist researched and presented would e of interest to me. the mind is fascinating i any aspect!!
as you can see, i'm a sychology love. :p :)

Cathy said...

What causes people to be apathetic about major world problems? The environment, people starving in Darfur, Iraq?
And what can be done to make more people care?

Stephanie said...

I keep coming back to try to answer, but I think for me it depends on the general topics of the magazine, or for a newspaper, what is in the news at the time.

Vesper said...


Crafty Green Poet said...

I would love to hear the pschological explanation for why most people do not do more for the environment. Even in cities with recycling banks on every street corner, not everyone recycles. Why not? We all read about what is happening, we can see the mess around us, most people have children, yet they seem prepared to hand on a dying planet to their children - why?

Devil Mood said...

Oh you guys and gals are full of ideas - thank you all so much!

Hugs :)