Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More than one season in a day

Some days are just unbelievable. This one started sunny and really hot. People were outside wearing t-shirts and shorts. Summer was here.

But later in the afternoon dark clouds started gathering from the East (strange, as they usually come from the West here).

And then...ta-ra! Rain, lots of rain and thunder! I was walking around with my friend and we had to cover ourselves in a bus stop - it was empty, so we took it as our living room and sat there for more than half an hour chatting.

After a while, the weather got better. You could start to see some sun rays through the clouds.

And we could enjoy the flowery trees better.

And peek through narrow streets while light blue houses inside.

And when I got back home, the sunset promised a bright sunshiny day* for tomorrow.
*obvious reference to that song: "I can see clearly now the rain is gone" ;)


dharmabum said...

nice pics. its as good as living a day out there with u. thanks!

Chloe said...

your photographs are getting better and better and better. My favourite of the set is the one behind the window, the 3rd one. It is marvellous. xx

Ps said...

What an amazing coincidence!The very same thing happened here yesterday and the day before yesterday.The day started out all nice and sunny.In the evening there was a storm!
I love your pictures. Especially liked the 5th one (flowery tree)

lady miss marquise said...

Beautiful pics as always! Now, I'm going to read the archives as I've been away for a little too long ;o)

Miss Iyer said...

Its such a beautiful place :)

I envy you :-/ * Sigh *

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: I hope you enjoyed that day out.

Chloe: Oh thanks, they say practice makes perfect, right? I need to practice more! :)

PS: Funny that, and we live so far away. Thank you!

LadyMiss: Fortunately for you, I haven't been producing too many posts lately ;)

Miss Iyer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? ;)

holy chaos said...

you live in such a beautiful place!

Vesper said...

can't wait to go on one of these walks with you!

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: It has its charms, but it's far from perfect.

Vesper: Oh that would be so much fun! :)

diyadear said...

all ur pics r sooo beautiful.. didnt watch the video though.. will do it soon..

Devil Mood said...

Diyadear: it's okay, it'll be here when you come back, if you wish :) Thanks, glad you liked the pics.