Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ringside - Criminal

Both the sound and the video quality aren't the best but I had to post this video. I love this song. And this is practically an exclusive, since the video isn't even on Ringside's MySpace page yet.
I like the sun peeking through the tree branches. I wonder what's going through that woman's head....and OH MY GOD, I just noticed that van is just like the one I photographed here - I love it!

Anyway, the lyrics make me wonder if the song wasn't written about me...

Look at me
I'm happy as can be
About the air in my lungs
And the stories I've spun
About being satisfied
Most of the time
Listening to the wind and the rain
Always wondering

Why does everybody run away?
Tell me, tell me
When will I get myself straight?
Help me, help me

And they look at me
They think I'm mad as can be
'Cos I got a criminal inside
That I just can't hide


fb said...

What is your criminal side? Stealing hearts? ;)

Devil Mood said...

FB: haha, not remotely. Wasting my life, more like ;)

dharmabum said...

people run away from shadows of themselves, so the less they are shown their own selves, the less the probability them running off.

if u were a criminal, devil, then i'd like to put u in my jail ;)

Ps said...

a nice one.But i still liked your "ringside--tired of being sorry' better!

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: lol that's very nice of you (I think ;) haha )

PS: Yes, I know, that Tired of Being Sorry video is really good :)

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite photos I have taken is the sun peeking through the tree,

fb said...

Come on Valencia!

Then they play Liverpool and lose and so impressed is David Villa that he buys himself out to join Liverpool for the 2007-8 season. ;)

Which game are you going to watch?!

Devil Mood said...

Day: Great! Show us!

FB: Boy you're excited! Tonight? Both, I guess. But I'll be supporting Chelsea, so don't get your hopes up. hehe I know, I'm a criminal...