Thursday, May 17, 2007

my afternoon

Summer is here today, in all its (hot) splendour.

Yesterday, I went downtown to the river again and met my friend, the Surfer Girl (she's not really a surfer, but she won't mind that I call her that because she was the one that told me about that song). It was warm but the river brought a soft breeze. There were a lot of tourists but they weren't loud and annoying, just curious and interested people. The locals also seemed to be in a good mood and there was a lot of people just sitting in the benches, looking at the river and the houses, enjoying the sun, sometimes talking to each other, others just quiet as a mouse.
We sat there too, appreciating the different individuals that paraded in front of us, from the shirtless-full-of-tattoos people to the Swedish tourists enjoying their beers. We had one of our insane conversations, while a couple sitting next to us was positively eavesdropping. But we had something else on our minds so we went home, had some bread and butter (of all the exotic things we could be eating, we ate bread and butter...but, really, is there anything else that always goes down so well?) and then we read the Tarot. Ah, shocking! You weren't expecting that, were you? Okay, maybe you were.

The Surfer Girl and me - she's not taller than me (!lol) but she was ahead. You can see how messy my hair is, I look like I have horns.

I never mentioned that I was studying the Tarot here but I've talked about it with some of you. I never thought this would be something that I'd be drawn too because I've always associated it with divination. Even though I've always been interested in Astrology that was another level for me because it involved the transits of planets that really exist and if the Moon cycles have an effect on Nature, why shouldn't the other planets have some effect on our lives? The Tarot cards work on a different level and I don't use them to predict the future but to help me think about things. They represent archetypes (v. Jung), which means that they are symbols of life experiences that we recognized because they belong to our unconscious inheritance, from past generations. They represent phases of our lives, experiences and actions that we have to go through to develop as human beings. The meanings behind them are so rich, I'd say they're infinite.
Not only is this extremely interesting for me to study (especially when they related the cards to mythology and astrology as well), but it's also a tool to help me think about things. It won't tell me what to do but it makes me see different sides to it and heaven knows I need some clarity in my cloudy thoughts. I never thought the readings would always make sense but, until now, they have done.


Niall said...

'Little moments' like the one you have just descibed live with you forever..the shadow of your being there is will age , but unlike the shadow (which is temporal) you will be there forever in your experience. (does this make sense?)..I've never had anyone read a Tarrot for me..( maybe I should?)..but please do not live your life by the cards..but by your heart!..! :-)))

Devil Mood said...

But Niall, the cards reflect my heart, I only see what my heart wants me to see there! If they didn't make sense, I'd never pay attention to the cards. ;)
Yes, it makes sense!

Chloe said...

i loved this set of photos. where you live is beautiful and peaceful.
I need a Tarrot reading! I can pay in pasta, web design or cds. xx

Cathy said...

It looks so warm and lovely there; I am going to be bundling up in a scarf adn coat to go out tonight...
And I need a Tarot reading as well! What would you like as repayment? Maple syrup? :)

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: You're a woman of many talents, so it's hard to choose! But don't worry for now. I wanted to take photos of the little fat ladies and the men with hats but thought they'd be embarrassed ;)

Cathy: I do miss scarves and jackets in the Summer! But you'd enjoy a couple of days here, I'm sure. I've never had Maple syrup - it's what you put in pancakes, isn't it?

kimananda said...

Those are the Porto pictures I've been waiting for! And, I don't need a reading (though we could always swap readings sometime)...but I am curious about which deck you're using. I've had many many, but I seem to have settled on the Halloween Tarot, at least for the present time.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that I would enjoy a few weeks there. It looks so different then my part of the world. I would have a zillion photos on my camera when I left there.

I could pay you for the tarot reading with a special painted/card

Devil Mood said...

Kim: I'm still amazed by the amount of decks there are :) Here are some more pictures from before, the post actually mentions you but I don't think you were around then ;)

Day: Wow, I think I have a new job there ;) Okay, I'll e-mail you about that soon!