Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beach Boys - Surfer Girl (1964)

Turn up the volume, if you want to hear...anything at all! The sound is really bad but this is the only video I could find from the early days with this song. I love the stripes in the shirts of the presenters :)

This song is so dreamy. It's a lullaby. It almost makes me want to find a surfer girl. Well, anyone, as long as I can sing this to them. It can be a dog or a cat, it's fine ;)

Oh, these Beach Boys are so sweet! You gotta hand it to men that aren't afraid of singing in high-pitched voices, right? I'm serious! I don't think you could find this phenomenon in Portugal, let alone in the 60s. Portuguese men are very Latin, they're all "machos" and anything that threatens their idea of masculinity is looked at with disdain. They like to pretend that they're up to anything, unafraid of anything and always right.
I was thinking the other day how hard it must be for some men (well, almost all of them) to maintain that image of macho who is not afraid of anything and dedicates his life to drinking beer, watching football and checking out women. It must be somewhat despairing when they don't want to do that. As is it was for women when they didn't want to be stay-at-home Mums, as it was for men that didn't want to go to war...as it is for everyone, as we all are surrounded by expectations and preconceptions that we have to deal with. ah (sigh) let's watch the Beach Boys again!


Niall said...

As a male who does not fit the mould, I can identify with your writing here!..I often despair as I get together with my 'mates'..I find I have more to talk about than motor sports, computers, beer and girls. Funnily enough when I do lead the conversation in the direction I'd like it to go..men are actually quite willing to talk about the problems they are facing..emmotional issues, art, etc...

I 've said this before, but your writing is so good..you write with a familiar and warm style ..thank you.

Devil Mood said...

Thank YOU, Niall, you're so nice!
I don't know how to write in any other style, so I'm glad you like this one. hehe
I've heard that too, that men are able of opening up to other men abotu serious issues, issues they probably can't talk to women...maybe because they think they shouldn't, don't want to seem soppy (the expectations again).

Ps said...

I always feel men open up and talk about emotional problems more to their women freinds than other males.
As for being women not wanting to be 'stay at home moms'--ah well--i really dont know.Maybe its all thsi pressure by the media/society to be 'super women'--manage house,career,kids--everthing.
I'm quite content doing my workshops(not a full time job) and looking after my kids :-) Who wants to work ,if there exists an alternative!

diyadear said...

wat u've written is so true. there seems to have been a major revolution in the way women have been.. but men have always been looked upon the same way.. but i think thats only on the outside.. but as the proximity increases i think they r as emotional as women..but pity they cant show or aren't expected to as u say..

Devil Mood said...

PS: You've got that right - who wants to work too much when there's so many great things to do? I didn't mean that no woman wants to stay at home, many do and I think it's great - what's not so great was when they were obliged to stay. I don't feel like men open up to me, at least not face to face...I think I may intimidate them ;)

Diyadear: Hopefully they do, otherwise it would be unpleasant for them as well, having to be cold stones ;)

dharmabum said...

can't refuse the face that i do peek a stealthy glance at the girls now and then ;) but i don't watch football, and am certainly not much of a beer drinker. well, bums aren't macho anyways, so it fits.

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: Bums aren't macho? Never thought of that. I glance at boys too, so it's not a problem. hehe

holy chaos said...

i have a friend from florida that reminds me of a surfer girl.

you know, i am a sahm, but i do not really like the traditional roles... i really like having my own money.

my husband is very independent

i love my children and want to be the best mom that I can be... THAT is what keeps me here.

i cannot give them the attention that they all need and work at a demanding job(like nursing)

i love guys that don't fit the mold!

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: I'm amazed at how you do manage at all! You are the hero of the SAHM and I don't think of you as traditional at all, despite that. :)

holy chaos said...

thnak you! that made me smile!

Devil Mood said...

You're welcome, Natalie :)