Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today's my blog's second birthday.

The little fellow is getting big by the day and is quickly heading for its 500th post. Who would've thought?
I had absolutely no expectations about this when I started, I don't even think I really wanted to start, I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, it certainly wasn't anything like this - I thought blogs were really stupid.
I've changed my mind obviously and this little virtual thingy in this big wide world of the web has really brought me tons of joy. So thank you all for participating and please have a slice of cake with me.


DayByDay4-2Day said...

Well happy blog day to you!
And here's to many many more post.

kimananda said...

Happy birthday, sweet blog! And, yummy cake!

Ps said...

May you grow and grow and grow!!Happy happy b'day :-)

To be honest, even when I started bloggin i had no idea what to expect from it.But it has really opened up my world and help me connect to so many people--not to mention, what a wonderful outlet it is for creativity (writing,art and photos)
Long live blogging..and long live devil mood's blog!

Meow said...

Wow, happy blog birthday to you. 500 posts, that is huge. Looking forward to reading many, many more.
The cake looks scrumptious.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Day :)

Kim: Thank you. It looks like some kind of strawberry mousse covered in chocolate, now that you mention it.

PS: Oh thank you :) I think blogging can be a constant surprise and mostly a very good one :)

Meow: Thank you so much. Grab a piece of cake, will you?

Miss Iyer said...

Happy birthday "LoveIsStrongerThanPride" :) 500 posts huh? That's a lot, for someone who thought blogging was stupid to start with! Great going DevilM! Keep pouring in those thoughts and pictures and have a great Blog day! :)

Oh and next year, could we get a share of some real cake instead of a virtual one? ;) [asking for too much huh?]

Stephanie said...

Cake is nice! I send one back from my blog to yours :) It's great to have known you and your blog for almost that whole time.

One of the best things is that despite the dry spells here, when all of blogland seems to go quiet, you always seem to be around, and to have something worthwhile to say.

Wishing your blog many more Birthdays to come :)

fb said...

What S says.

Here's to many although i may disappear at times and not say anything i'm always checking in.

diyadear said...

wow happy birthday to devil mood!!! long live devil mood!! n enjoy... BTW that cake was yummy... :D

Devil Mood said...

Oh you people spoil me ....:)

Miss Iyer: Thank you and, you never know, with techonology so advanced, maybe next year there will be REAL cake :)

Stephanie: oh, I'm really happy you said that. I don't know how I achieve this consistency and I certainly don't feel like I always have something valuable to say but I like to know that I play that part :) it's been a pleasure!

FB: Thanks, I understand the need for a break from this. I don't know how I manage myself lol

Diyadear: Thank you! :) Glad you enjoy the cake hehe

Maddie said...

Happy birthday - ohhhh -
I should share my chai cupcakes with you!


dharmabum said...

ah! 500 posts in 2 years is quite a lot of writing, devil. keep going girl!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, Blog Baby!
(Your blog and my babe are almost twins!)

Devil Mood said...

Maddie: Chai cupcakes? That sounds like a recipe made in heaven :)

Dharmabum: I'll try! Thanks.

Cathy: Oh, that's right! That's so sweet :)

Niall said...

Happy Blogday! favourite cake..totally non-fattening.I don't think I've ever come across someone who's blog has turned out the way they thought it might (me included!)'s to the next 500...may your Mood be ever more Devilish !

Chloe said...

happy birthday dear blog. i am very happy you were born 2 years ago! xxxx

Devil Mood said...

Niall: Thank you!

Chloe: Thank you also for being here, this blog would be pointless without inspirational bloggers like you.

Rositta said...

Happy Birthday to your blog...blogging is a lot of fun, I never know what I'm going to write or who I'm going to encounter on the journey. I'm going to steal that cake, I have a need for it...ciao

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Rositta! That's very true. Go ahead, steal it :)