Monday, June 18, 2007

the internal editor

As you know most of my creative thoughts are being channelled to the Script writing, so I seem to be completely empty when it comes to blog ideas. Two years in blog-age should be a sign of maturity and growing-up, but right now it sounds more like a sign of senility.

I've written over 11 thousand words (believe me, it's barely a skeleton of a story). There's two weeks to go and I have a feeling that I'll have to write more than 20 thousand to finish the story. Did I tell you it's possibly to generate ideas out of mere dust? I really didn't know what I was going to write about. (I must have said this already, but hey, it's blog-senility).

I'll leave you with an excerpt of the motivational e-mails Kristina from Script Frenzy sends every week to the participants. I don't know her but she's funny.

INTERNAL EDITOR: That's not very original.

YOU: Can't talk, moving on.

INTERNAL EDITOR: You call that… (sound of labored breathing) dialogue?

YOU: Sorry, you're breaking up on me.

INTERNAL EDITOR: (barely audible) Wait! I….(heavy panting)…need to tell you….(pant)…how delusional you are (fading out)…about this scriptwriting thing….

YOU: Ha! Hasta la vista, baby.

It's true: our internal editor is our worst enemy!


kimananda said...

Hey, your blog has entered into the terrible twos. You know, with tantrums, and stubbornness, and general non-cooperativeness. I think it's fabulous...two year olds are the best to talk to and interact with (except maybe for three year olds).

And 11,000 words. That's so impressive!

dharmabum said...

11 thou - man, we're getting somewhere, aren't we devil?

i don't believe it is possible to generate ideas out of dust, as u put it. i think u got it in u and so u'll go places. wait n watch ;)

fb said...

Go with the voices! ;)

diyadear said...

ha ha you sure r in for a challange.. but go give it a shot gal!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it like that before.

Your too much!

Niall said...

Blogsenillity...just make sure you don't dribble on the keyboard!

Not long to go..."you can do it!"( quote 'The Waterboy')

Devil Mood said...

Kim: I wish my blog was as cuddly as a baby sometimes, but without the tantrums hahah

Dharmabum: I hope I'm getting somewhere but until I'm there anything can happen! Some people say they have no imagination and couldn't write a story but I don't buy that. It's probably just harder to get to those creative ideas but I think we all have them.

FB: The good voices, I think, not the editor ones. Those are bad.

Diyadear: I'm doing it! :)

Day: lol I'm glad I gave you a different perspective.

Niall: hmmm I seem to be lost in your cultural references - who is the waterboy? All I can think of is the Waterboys, the band haha And it's not senility, yet!

Stephanie said...

Totally understandable that your imagination reservoir is being tapped for other purposes. The blog will still be here when you'rd done with the script.

I had much more violent confrontations with my internal editor when I thought I'd play music for a living. I'm able to maintain more control now that I do things which are dispatched and critiqued while I am not physically present.

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: I know what you mean, public presentation make me nauseous and public critique drives me insane! ;)

Madelyn said...

I am completely amazed at all those
words actually:)

Deadlines are "smelly"
- they become a vicious mind game-
and since you are and artist
with language - it is hard to
work with a DEADLINE over your head -
since art is about the "gust"

so you have to go to a cute little
spa hotel or ecclectic bed and breakfast - and stay there
JUST TO WRITE in peace -
and room service :)

Just an idea. I know you
will finish this script and
we will be beggging to read it:)

Devil Mood said...

Maddie: Oh God, a Spa hotel...I wish all writers could afford those comforts - fiction would be delicious everywhere. But pain is needed too. Deadlines are incompatible with art usually but they also make us work more regularly.
Thanks for those lovely words :)