Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'll be right back

I need a break for now.


kimananda said...

Have a wonderful relaxing recovery from your script frenzying! I look forward to seeing you when you get back (by which point, I too will be back). :-)

Stephanie said...

Understandable, given all the writing of late. Have a good time off, and hope you're back soon!

Anonymous said...

I will be right here in this spot waiting until you do.... unless I have to go to the little girls room first.


diyadear said...

hmm have a nice break.. but u better come back fast :)

Niall said...

you deserve some very special 'you time'..take drink and be merry..go to the well of refreshment. but don't stay away too long!You will be missed!!

Chloe said...

okay, hurry because we've got cds to make.
or i can make them and you can write the stories behind each song.
don't go far. xxxx

Devil Mood said...

Hey, I'm not going anywhere - still here, just not blogging.

Kim: Are you coming back to the Old World of dark coffee? hehe ;) That's good.

Stephanie: I seem to have run out of blogging ideas...but I'll be back.

Day: lol funny girl!

Diyadear: I'm still here, really! And I'll be back with posts.

Niall: I think I'm having too much "me time", that's my trouble. lol But that's good advice.

Chloe: I love that idea!! You stimulate my creativity, girl :) Let's do that.

Madelyn said...

You are so awesome - good for you!


Rest easy but take pictures:)

Ps said...

What a lovely picture you chose to match your current mood!
I'll be right back too :-)

Jen said...

I understand ...go for it! enjoy it...will be looking to catch you when you are back: )

Vesper said...

i've missed you! i'm back!

chrispito said...

I love your blog. Love. Have a lovely day, gal!

Devil Mood said...

Maddie: I'll be having an away-rest later on, then I'll take pictures, absolutely.

PS: I figured one can't go wrong with Audrey Hepburn.

Jen: I'll be back with posts this week :)

Vesper: About time and all! :)

Chrispito: Wow, I'm so flattered! Thank you!