Saturday, July 07, 2007

I think I've started many posts and they all ended up being deleted. Nothing was significant enough to be posted. I never wanted this blog to turn into something trivial and boring.

Then I realized that I was in such a demanding mode I might never blog again. I think this might be one of those crisis writers go through. I still don't want it to be fickle and common, but I'll have to take a chance.

I'm watching Before Sunrise on TV. I'm not one to watch films lots of times, but I've seen this one about 3 times. I'm sure I'll watch it again in the future because every time I do I cling on to something different that they said, I have a different feeling about what they went through. I hope to have a different feeling when I watch it in three or four years time.

I have to confess there is a part in my script that is similar to this film, but I really didn't notice it until I had all my ideas planned out - I guess it's one of those things that sticks to your unconscious because they ring so true and so perfect. But the ideas are there: two strangers meet in a big city - a brief encounter that becomes so meaningful. Unlikely, I know, but not impossible.

But my script isn't all just one night, so I could never put the amount of themes and feelings they managed to include in this night in Vienna. Some dialogues (and monologues) are simply magical. That is what I call a good script.

So often in my life I've been with people and shared beautiful moments like traveling or staying up all night and watching the sunrise, and I knew it was a special moment, but something was always wrong. I wished I'd been with someone else. I knew that what I was feeling - exactly what was so important to me - they didn't understand. But I'm happy to be with you. You couldn't possibly know why a night like this is so important to my life right now, but it is. I think this is a great morning.
I've never been anywhere I haven't been. I've never had a kiss when I wasn't one of the kissers. I've never been to the movies when I wasn't in the audience or gone out bowling when I wasn't around making some stupid joke. I think that's why so many people hate themselves. Seriously. It's just they are sick to death of being around themselves. (...) But being with you it's made me feel like I was somebody else. I mean the only other way to lose yourself like that is, you know, dancing or alcohol or drugs, or stuff like that.


kimananda said...

At some point, I do need to see this film. I wonder if it will remind me of Spain? The problem, if I recall correctly, is my local video store only has the sequel. And it seems particularly important not to watch these out of order.

As for echoing the film in your script, are you really? It seems like a universal experience, meeting a stranger, and resonating with them. It doesn't seem unusual at all, except that it's not always so brief when it is that meaningful.

Chamki said...

I love this film. I want to see it again. Meeting someone in a city is something I cling onto. Falling in love, being loved by the man is something a film is capable of making you believe for at least one breif moment. I was to watch the next part of the movie with someone but we stopped talking and now I dont know if we will be able to.

Suggest another film devil mood for me to watch.

Stephanie said...

I run out of things to say ALL of the time. Though, I guess sometimes that doesn't stop me from posting anyway :)

With the creative process, a lot of time I think it's a thing which requires a bit of fuel to keep going.

You've just finished a HUGE creative now it's back to sponge-mode to absorb things (like films!) to ponder later.

Madelyn said...

I went through a period where i thought i would
never post again - there was just nothing
inside i wanted to celebrate -
and it isn't about significance - it's about
joy for me - and i was so defeated with
someone who is so heartless to me on the net -
but and joy and enthusiasm
crept back in and a simple mango would make
me feel wonderful - so i posted the mango:)

those films fill me up - they are the poetry of
love and life and living and loss and...
the spaces inbetween...

:) hugs:)

Niall said...

I used to feel an obligation to write each and every day..but the world goes on..I think I've convinced myself that we're not trying to create world conquering 'Litrature''s a snapshot of our very complex lives..sometimes the rubbish I write is actually the way I am..sometimes I have nothing to say..if you met me and talked to me you'd quickly realise this!And so it is with all of us..we are human ..and I love it for all it's vulnerabilty, failings, sucesses and triumphs.

Now..I must watch that film!

Devil Mood said...

Kim: You mean Spain as in Santiago? Probably! No, don't watch the sequel now, be patient. The trouble when you wait so long and have heard so much about might be disappointed, even though I don't really believe one can be disappointed with this :)

Chamki: Oh, find a way to watch the Part II of this one. It's really worthwhile. I keep remembering the Motorcycle Diaries lately, I really want to watch that again. :)

Stephanie: Exactly, sponge-mode! I've posted without having nothing to say too, but it doesn't seem fair ;)

Maddie: Definitely, it's all about joy with you! I'm more of a contemplative, serious person so I search for the significant. But thank God for the mango :)

Niall: You have the advantage of having your art creations to post about. When nothing is created at all, it's hard. But, yes, my blog is very human.

phish said...

a writer will cease to write often. and i think more often than not, it is at these times that our thoughts are faster than our pens can hold.

waiting, i have seen does more for me than anything.

i love the film, by the way. and your blog. will be back with another small footprint.

fb said...

I've fixed the make the picture bigger problem.

I hope women don't have decisions to make over facial hair!

I'm out of things to say that I take to posting a silly picture.

Ps said...

i have seen the sequel to this movie (before sunset)and i simply loved it.

And hey--your blog isnt turning into something trivial/boring.Its okay to say nothing if you have nothing to say.But its definitely not ok to stop blogging altogether! So if that thought has even remotely crossed your mind, i order you to squish it--IMMEDIATELY!! :-)

Devil Mood said...

Phish: Thank you :) I'm a pro at waiting, I do that a lot, too often actually ;)

FB: Okay! Will check it out. Some women do apparently...I've met several of them with brilliant moustaches and I'm not kidding! lol

PS: Oh I could never do that to you! I really couldn't, that's why it was hard to be silent even if only for a few days. The one you've seen is probably even better but this one is a must too!

holy chaos said...

i am going to have to see this film.

i do not think that your blog could be boring if it about you

even day to day boring stuff to you is interesting to those who like to read your blog