Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Morir de amor - a collaboration:

It all started when Chloe mentioned she was listening to a song called "Morir de Amor" (To Die of Love) by Compay Segundo and Serge Aznavour + Celia Cruz. I listened to it and got really emotional (cry baby!), not because of the sad, tragic lyrics, there's something in the melody that makes me very mellow. Later, I posted about that song "Try Again" and Chloe suggested we did a tragic and romantic CD called "Morir de Amor" and so we did! Each of us chose a bunch of songs to go with the theme and the CD was born.

What is "Morir de Amor" - the theme?

It's a tepid night spent under the stars, sitting in a bar near the waves holding little icy glasses of tequilla. Or it's sitting in a smoky room, listening to a band playing sad, old songs. Smell of summer and lime, skirts that wave when youdance the cha-cha-cha, kids running around the beach way past their bedtime. Old wrinkled men wearing a neat hat and a wise glint in their eyes, a cuban cigar between their fingers (ok, maybe I'm getting carried away by Compay Segundo).
Full moon, the sound of the waves. It's a feeling inside, it is longing, it is wishing, it is dreaming and sometimes dreading. It's the first breath of passion, it can be platonic, but it is always plutonic.
It is something dancing inside of you at a rhythm you can't decipher; sometimes it is slow and sad, other times it makes you run with excitement.

My songs (woooorld music, little bit of fado, little bit of flamenco):
- Paco de Lucia - Tango Flamenco
- Pink Martini - Donde Estas Yolanda?
- Amália Rodrigues - Barco Negro
- Caetano Veloso - Cucurrucucú Paloma
- Tom Jobim - Canção do Amor Demais
- Pink Martini - La Soledad
- Niña Pastori - Cai

Chloe's songs: - Julie London - Cry me a River
- Celia Cruz, Charles Aznavour & Compay Segundo - Morir de Amor
- Manos Hadjidakis - Min Ton Rotas Ton Ourano (Don't ask the sky)
- Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
- Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep
- Nina Simone - Wild is the Wind

Meanwhile, it is now snowing in Buenos Aires - the first time since 1918. (photo from clarin.com)


kimananda said...

What a wonderful playlist...can I place an order? ;-)

And the image reminds me of my best Portuguese friend's sister, who was for a long time a tango dancer, in Paris (I believe she is now back into modern dance, still in Paris).

Chloe said...

no, you did everything and i just found 5 songs. people are going to cry their eyes off! :)

Anonymous said...

I love when a music can make me feel emotions.

fb said...

I wonder if i could understand the meaning of the lyrics of songs in Spanish, Portugese, Fench, Italian, Japanese or whatever language that they're in how different things might be.

There are some songs where you know from the way that they're being sung that they mean something even if you don't know the lyrics literal translation.

There's suddenly been alot of nmaes suggested and quite a few moves in the last week or two. It looks like Quaresma is going nowhere. At one point it looked like Liverpool were interested but that seems toi have cooled off now with the impending arrival of Ryan Babel.

It says in one newspaper that Craig 'Golf Club' Bellamy has been at 7 clubs in 7 years! Kind of fitting that he ends up at West Ham whose nicknames are 'The Hammers' or 'The Irons'!

Maybe we should just post a seperate football post. ;)

Devil Mood said...

Kim: That story could make a script ;)

Chloe: But you had the idea so admit it!

Day: Me too!

FB: Yes, I think sometimes we understand even without understanding ;) I'm too mad about the whole football thing to even consider posting about it. lol I was going to say Liverpool probably spent the most money, but then I remembered Man U. :P I don't trust those players who keep hopping from one place to another.

fb said...

Liverpool have also been selling players so mathematically they haven't spent that much during this period.

phish said...

i see every song as well. and i only wish you could a li'l more carried away. after all, that's what we come to read here now, don't we :)

need to find a few of these tracks.

Niall said...

You are a swirling passionate sea of fantastic things DM!..I actually felt my heart beat a little faster !

Scholiast said...

it's lovely :) I haven't cried yet, I must admit - but it's still beautiful ..