Friday, July 13, 2007

see you soon :)

Stay in the shade! - Sorry, I can't resist Audrey.

I'm going away on holiday tomorrow to the south.
The main downside is that I won't have Internet there, so I won't be around until August. I'm crying already. I'll still take my computer - who knows? I might be able to catch illegal wireless internet ;)
And I'll take my camera so I promise to bring photos.

Okay, now I need to start seriously packing! I'm thinking that I should've tried my summer clothes already to see if they still fit. But, as you know, I have the main thing: the bikinis! lol Now I need to try on those dresses...
Hugs everyone! I'll be thinking of you and maybe you'll visit me over there ;)


Anonymous said...

Have a good time!
We will be here when you get back.
I'm looking forward to all your great photos.


Jen said...

have fun! love a beach vacation..
will see you when you are back..
: ) : ) : )

Stephanie said...

It'll be so quiet without you, but we'll look forward to seeing pictures (will there be any people on your beaches?) when you return.

Have fun and see you in August!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you return.
Take care, Meow

kimananda said...

Ah, the bikinis...that is the important thing, yes? I would visit, as I have been trying to close my Portuguese bank (as I need the money here), and...well, when I lived in PT, I just always did everything in person, and now I know why! But of course, how would I reach you if you are off-line? ;-)

Have fun in any case, and I look forward to much reporting of holidays in August!

Maddie said...

photo's -


MAHIMA said...

well, i look forward to having you back!!!
i've been off blogging and th computer for a bit (in favour of my art table) and the day i got back, deciding it's been too long since i didn't visit any of you, you're off!!
i hope you have the happiest trip.

Vesper said...

honestly, how am i supposed to deal without you until august???

have a wonderful time!

chrispito said...

have a wonderful time!

Niall said...

If I were you..I'd forget all about your PC/ and be happy..and come back full of new life and energy!

phish said...

ah. holidays. have a lovely trip. and may you find all the right things. through the lens and otherwise.

fb said...

missed you.

missing you.



Ps said...

Will see you when you get back.
(and sometimes putting away the laptop makes you introspect and think) Who knows--maybe you will come back with some great ideas!!

diyadear said...

hey DM,
have a gr8 holiday... n have loads of fun.. dont be sad.. im sure u;ll bring us back beautiful photos.. n will keep awaiting u here.. :)

Anonymous said...


holy chaos said...

have a wonderful time! :)

dharmabum said...

have a great time. holidays are the best.

Chamki said...

have the funnest fun and enjoy the sun.
lotsa love,
chamki the bum

Chloe said...

i am bored without you.