Saturday, August 18, 2007

sky is in the stars now

This is the story of how I met my dog in 1992. I was spending a weekend away in the north of Portugal and in the roadside there was a salesman selling birds, pet food, cages, that sort of thing (it wasn't a very fast road). My mother remembered we needed food for our bird so we stopped. The salesman had a box with three puppies inside. They were the colour of sand and had a lot of hair, they looked like little sheep. I had always wanted to have a dog and I melted right away. I plagued my parents with "can we have him? can we have him?" questions all the way to the place where we were staying. Finally, they gave in and I went with my father to get a dog. I couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true. We got the male puppy which was a little bigger (we thought males were less trouble, but the years really proved us wrong) and the salesman pretended he belonged to some kind of breed, so he was relatively expensive. I remember he was really, really heavy in my arms.
The dog wailed a lot in the first nights, probably missed his mother. I remember thinking - now the dog will always be around, he'll be part of the family. It was a little scary because I knew he was a responsability. But I was delighted. Couldn't even finish my homework for that weekend. Ironically, one day we came home and the bird was dead on the floor. It must have managed to escape the cage and the dog probably killed it.
I've never heard of a dog like this one (yes, all owners say that). When I went out on the street with him, everyone recognized him in the neighbourhood, they all had a story about him, about the one time when they saw him ten blocks away from home, the time we would chase their female dogs for days, not leaving their doorstep entire nights. He used to go out on the street alone, we shouldn't have let him get used to it because it was dangerous. He got into lots of fights, he would disappear sometimes for days, we were worried sick, he survived huge wounds made by other dogs, he got caught by the kennel van once or twice, he almost choked on a fish bit, he would persecute all cats without pity, he once came home with a newborn bird in his mouth and starting chirping in the elevator...the stories are never-ending.
Thank you for all your kind words. It hurts like hell. I was going crazy yesterday. I keep expecting to see him in certain corners of the house and keep hearing the sounds he used to make. It will take a lot of time to get used to it. I have urges to pet him but I can't. And petting another dog just doesn't do it.


Novel Nymph said...

Oh Devil, such a beauty of a dog, my heart goes out to you...

Leave it to you my love, to make it poetic and beautiful. What a fitting memoir...

Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

just catching up.

I know how you feel, remember I put my cat to sleep last year. I'm still not ready for another pet.


Chloe said...

he was so beautiful. and from all the stories, he's had a full life. he wasn't confined in the house. He must have been very very happy with you.
Many hugs xxxx

Ps said...

Oh DM..I'm feeling really sad reading this post. It is really horrible, awful and hurts so badly.(When i see a white pom ,i still remember my dog, and feel bad.That too it was 14 years ago) People say that time helas etc--but i feel the void will always be there.One just learns to cope better.
Take Care DM.

phish said...

um. i dont know what to say really. i had burro, my mastiff for 14 years before he dies last year. and he was a complete sweetheart. a little stupid, but we liked him like that only.

wont you tell us his name? or did i miss it?

Niall said...

What a beautiful animal Sky was..and what a beautiful life he has had.Your words paint a picture of a creature that was loved and was part of not only your life, but that of the people around you.

To Sky, and to you my friend..I bow my head.

kimananda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. He was clearly a beauty, and it sounds like you added to his life as much as he added to yours.

chrispito said...

{{{{hugs to you and your beautiful companion}}}}

If only they could stay with us longer. Much love and good vibes

Anonymous said...

também vou sentir falta dele qd te for visitar, por isso nem consigo imaginar o q tu estás a sentir... mas acho que disseste o mais importante: ele foi mesmo feliz ctg, teve toda a liberdade do mundo... e vocês deram-lhe todo o conforto.

um beijinho ***

Cathy said...

I am so sorry to be late to console you. My heart aches when I hear things like this: take comfort in knowing that this lovely mate loved a great life and is not in any pain.

fb said...

He was around a long time and always came back so he knew where home was.

Which says alot about you and and him.

diyadear said...

hey cute pic of the dog.. he sure didnt look so naughty though.. n im sorry that he s no more now.. but you do try to cheer up ok..


Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Our beloved rabbit died recently and I know how hard it is.

simple me said...

oh Joana! é sempre tão dificil.
sei que não há consolo mas a vida é aceitar. infelizmente não somos detentores de quase nada.
tenho pensado tanto nestas questões ultimamente. como o tempo é que é o senhor de tudo e nós somos pequeninos.
mas o sky teve uma vida feliz e é só isso que podes pensar.
um beijo