Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tomorrow my beloved dog will be put to sleep.
I've been suffering from anticipatory grief these last few days. I've tried to envision the day he would be gone in the past, as he got older, as he got sick and sometimes got a little better, I knew he would be gone one day...but right now I don't know what's it gonna be like when he's not here tomorrow. I don't know how I'll react.
Because the thing is...I barely remember not having him. I was eight when I got him, so he's been with me through the real "thick and thin", through most of my developmental periods, through all my teenage years and God knows how much these mean to a person, through all my existencial crisis, through my highs and victories, when he'd get a special cuddle...more or less present in the back of my mind, he was always here.
Lately he hasn't been the same and he got really worse in this last week. I don't like the thought of playing Mother Nature but I've realized it is for the best because he's getting really uncomfortable. All in all, I know he was a really happy dog for most of his lifetime and he's got more stories to tell than all the other dogs I know put together.
Tomorrow I know he will be in Dog-heaven, with lots of chewy-bones and raw bacalhau, which he adores. I'll see you later, Sky.


Stephanie said...

That's so sad - they are truly members of the family, and there is no easy way to deal with it :( I am sure he has been loved.


Ps said...

:( :( :( Brought back sad sad memories of two dogs that i used to have.I love dogs..
HUGS dm.

dharmabum said...

sky was a lucky dog, it seems. warm hugs to u devil, do take care.

Niall said...

My deepest is so sad that you will be losing such a life long companion. It sounds as if Sky has been such a integral part of your life for so long. I know it will hurt and the pain will be unbarable...please take time to grieve..we'll be here for you.

Maddie said...

A big warm hug for you sweetie.

I have been through this and
it' s just so unbearble - the
grief is the measure of your love all
those years together - andt he will
go to dog heaven knowing he is loved
deeply by you.


Chloe said...

I'm so sorry. I emailed you. Lots of love, bye bye Sky.

Vesper said...

this is so sad. i'm very sorry.