Saturday, August 11, 2007

Know thyself*

I remember an episode back in high school. Someone came into our classroom and asked everyone to write in a piece of paper the personal quality they found most important. I can't remember why they wanted to know.

I thought about it and I wrote: "Self-knowledge". My classmates wrote things like Trust, Sense of Humour, Honesty. When I told them what I had written, they looked at me like I was out of my mind. "Self-knowledge? What good does that do? Is that a good thing?" Oriental philosophies weren't quite as broadcast as they are now.

Today I'm happy to look back and see that I haven't changed my opinion about that. Self-knowledge is the base for the construction of the persona/personality. You can't grow into a balanced, mature individual if you don't know yourself, you don't know your history, your experiences, how you react, what makes you tick and what doesn't. And how can you love yourself when you don't know who you're dealing with? And how can you live with yourself if you have no self-love? You can't.

*(Gnothi seauton - this was already written at the entrance of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Ancient Greece)


Stephanie said...

Such truth in this. I wonder too if knowing oneself is also the first step in truly understanding others too.

Vesper said...

oh this is so, so true, and i like you even more!'s also the most messy of have to get out some hammers and shovels and dig away at everything. you have to go back and feel pain all over again, relive uncomfortable situations. but it's all so worth it.

Ps said...

Oh yes.You are so right!In fact I was just telling a friend of mine to introspect yesterday and to ask himself why feels abt himself, the way he does.I shalle definitely be sending him the link to this post.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is important that we have self respect. I'm finding that kids now adays have no respect , perhaps it might be that they have no self respect there for they can't give others respect in return.


diyadear said...

true DM. a self analysis and update is required at all stages of life..

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: Yes, I think that must be how it works!

Vesper: It's definitely not a waste of time, more like an investment in the future.

PS: Oh, I would be delighted if this post could make some kind of difference to your friend :)

Day: That may be true. They can't see what their actions do to others if they are not grounded and aware of themselves.

Diyadear: An update! That's important too! thanks for reminding me.

Niall said...

It is a simple truth. I have become greater in awareness of myself the older I have become..I have to say that how I am right now is the sum of all that has gone before...and what I am now is the basis of tomorrow.

Maddie said...

ohhh now you have me thinking
which is a good thing:)

i agree with you -
but quite a few pop into my mind -
compassion -

you are such a wise girl...:)

fb said...

'To thine ownself be true'

A littele sef knowledge goes along way but don't forget to ask when you need to.

Or we can just talk about football.

Chloe said...

i hope you do love yourself because we certainly love you. and if you don't fully know yourself now, it's okay, there is so much time. plus, even if you do know lots about yourself, we are in a state of flux so what is true today might not be true tomorrow.

Devil Mood said...

Maddie: lol Self-knowledge is an essential starting point, then there are other great things to mention, of course.

Thanks FB! I appreciate it :)

Chloe: I'm so glad you're back! You're right, that's why Diyadear was mentioning the need for updates.

dharmabum said...

well said, my dear friend. every virtue begins with self awareness. we're mostly so engrossed with the outer world that we hardly ever stop and take a peek 'inside' of us.

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: Bums are wise people :)